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The College of Physical Education and Sports was established in 1952 as an independent interdepartmental unit. Mandatory classes of physical education covered students of the first two years of study. Classes were conducted first in rented sports facilities, and from 1967 in a gym in the University building. The first head of the College was Marian Jaworski, MA. He held this function until the end of the 1960s. The next heads were: Genowefa Lichoń MA, Witold Trytko MA, Zofia Banasik-Henzel MA, Jerzy Kotowski MA, Stefan Sowa MA, and Roman Patalong MA. Between 2011 and 2016, Gabriela Karkoszka, Ph.D. was the head of the unit. As of 01 October 2016, the College changed its name to the Physical Education and Sports Center. Currently, Eugeniusz Bronder, MA holds the function of its head. 

The end of the 1970s brought a huge improvement to the sports facilities. In 1981, a new building – C, was put into use. It was designed exclusively for conducting physical education classes and sports competitions. The building houses a 25-meter swimming pool with a sauna, a sports hall of dimensions 20m x 40m, a small gym for corrective gymnastics, changing rooms, rooms for employees of the College and University sports club – Academic Sports Association (AZS).

Sports facilities, as part of the Polish Academic Championships and Academic Championships of Silesia, often host students from other universities.

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