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Offer of the Physical Education and Sports Center

All physical education classes take place in our own facilities in buildings A and C.  

Mandatory classes of physical education cover first-year students in the amount of 2 hours per week. Mandatory classes last 2 semesters (1 ECTS credit per semester). The content and level of physical loads during the course is differentiated depending on the health, fitness and interests of the exercising students. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in volleyball, basketball, football, handball, learning and improving swimming, general development exercises in the hall and water, aerobics, pilates, hatha yoga, badminton, table tennis, floorball, Nordic walking and at the gym. 

Students whose health condition does not allow for participating in mandatory classes are directed by a College doctor to a dedicated group. Classes take place in a small hall (204) in building C and in the hall in building A, at the gym and swimming pool.

Swimming classes take into account the level of swimming skills of the exercising swimmers. There are swimming lessons, skills improvement classes, strengthening exercises in water and water polo elements.

It is possibility to pass physical education through training in the sports sections of the University sports club – Academic Sports Association (AZS).

We would like to invite students with musical and dance skills to join Silesianie – the Song and Dance Ensemble or the Choir of the University of Economics in Katowice.

Students with an adjudicated level of disability (permanent or temporary) have the opportunity to participate in rehabilitation classes.

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