Polish national dances:

  • Nobleman's Polonaise;
  • Duchy of Warsaw Polonaise (19th century);
  • Duchy of Warsaw Mazur dance (19th century);
  • Krakowiak;
  • Kujawiak;
  • Oberek.

Dances of Poland's regions:

Silesia region

  • Rozbark (industrial region)
  • Pszczyna town dances
  • Cieszyn town dances
  • Silesian Beskids highlanders' dances
  • Opole town & Racibórz town dancing suite

Dancing miniatures:

  • "Hólan" from Cieszyn Silesia region;
  • "Błogosławiony" ('The Blessed' - Silesian dance);
  • "Bąk" ('The Bumblebee') a playful picture;
  • "Pod wierzbą" ('Under the willow') a picture based on Kujawiak and Oberek dances;
  • Dancing compositions of Silesian dances and Polish National dances;
  • Songs and melodies from all regions of Poland.