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Poznań University of Economics and Business


The Program is implemented on the basis of an individual education program, consisting of subjects available in the program offer of the host university on the same or relating major. The student’s individual education program must include the condition of obtaining 30 ECTS credits per semester.

The implementation of an individual education program does not release a student from the need to implement the education standards applicable at a given major at the home university during or after the exchange program during the remaining semesters of study.

The curriculum of each student must be accepted by authorised representatives of the home university and host university before their leave (Agreement on the curriculum).


  • Students of long-cycle Master’s degree programs – no earlier than after completing the second semester of study;
  • Students of undergraduate studies – no earlier than after completing the second semester of study;
  • Students of graduate studies – no earlier than after completing the first semester of study.
  • The NECESSARY condition is to pass the examination session in the semester preceding the leave.
  • The host university provides students of the partner university with the possibility of using accommodation in a student dormitory. The costs of accommodation are covered by the student.
  • It is recommended that students use existing study catalogues and curriculum when developing their individual education program.


Recruitment process takes place twice a year: in December for the summer semester, and in May for the winter semester.


All formalities required by the Dean’s Offices before leaving to and after returning from the partner university should be kept, including the necessity to submit an application to the Dean with a request for their consent to leave and obtain the approval of the promoter and Deputy Dean on the forms of the Agreement on curriculum. The student is required to take with them to the partner university the list of previous credits.


  • A partner university student submits the following documents to the UEP Teaching Department: entry form of the incoming student or referral from the home university, signed by an authorised representative of the university.
  • Students from partner universities choose lectures following the same principles as UEP students.
  • Prior to arrival, the student must obtain the home university’s approval for the chosen curriculum.


Teaching Department

tel.: 61 856 91 90 or 61 856 91 88


room 212 A, main building

Monday–Friday 08:00–14:00

al. Niepodległości 10

61-875 Poznań

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