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Wroclaw University of Economics


Undergraduate students:

  • no earlier than after completing the second semester of study;
  • students of the last semester of first-cycle studies are not allowed to participate in recruitment process.

Graduate students:

  • no earlier than after completing the first semester of study.


Recruitment process takes place twice a year: in December for the summer semester, and in May for the winter semester.


  • For full-time students the studies are free of charge, part-time students cover the fees at their home university.
  • The host university does not charge any fees for using laboratories and libraries.


The host university provides students of the partner university with the possibility of using accommodation in a student dormitory. Fees relating to accommodation and costs of living are covered by the student.


Students participating in the exchange program do not lose their right to receive scholarships granted to them or apply for them at their home university.


The incoming student may rely on collegial care from the university’s self-governments.


Most important information:

  1. The incoming student remains a student of the home university and is required to use a card issued by their university.
  2. The incoming student is subject to the regulations of the host university.
  3. Each student who will be participating in the exchange program at the UE in Wrocław may rely on care and help from the Student Self-Government of the Wrocław University of Economics.


Coordinator on behalf of the Student Self-Government:

Radosław Kłus, e-mail:

Coordinator for ECTS credits at UE in Wroclaw (acceptance of agreements on the curriculum and documents relating to the exchange program):

Letycja Sołoducho-Pelc, e-mail: letycja.soloducho@gmail.comtel. 71 36 80 195

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