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Contact our Ambassador

The International Alumni Ambassadors’ Platform gathers enthusiastic people in one place and makes it easy to contact them. The Platform features our Ambassadors from all over the world who are eager to share their experience with prospective students, possible partner universities and companies in their home countries. Do not hesitate to contact them - they will be more than happy to share their experience with you.

The Platform consists of the map of Ambassadors, including their contact details.

How does it work?

The Platform is targeted to both those who want to contact our Ambassadors in order to get information about studying at UE Katowice and those who want to become Ambassadors of the University. See main features below.

The Platform allows prospective students, possible partners and companies to:

- contact directly with our Ambassadors (via: mobile, e-mail, social media)
- find them in your country
- use your language in contacting them
- ask them about having a good time at our University and what exactly does it mean
- meet new friends around the world

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Accreditations and partners

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