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Testimonials of the Ambassadors

Studying was a journey, the best I could have experienced.

I was born in a big loving Russian-Ukrainian family in the city of Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine). As the Soviet Union collapsed, right after me and my mother had a unique chance to move to Poland. Unfortunately, our separation was inevitable, and we could be reunited only after long-seven years. That’s when I moved to Poland. And that was the time my life changed.

With my Ukrainian passport and Polish high school diploma, I got the great chance to choose my future path, especially in education. I grasped the opportunity and started the best journey of my life – I chose the University of Economics in Katowice. As the years passed by, now I can say “I won the lottery”. In my early 20ties I’ve visited three continents and huge number of countries. My Ukrainian passport didn’t give me an entrance to any of them. But, my school did. I started with Work and Travel in the USA, then two exchange programs (Erasmus in Vienna Austria, bilateral exchange in Taipei Taiwan) and numerous international conferences and workshops in between.
My major was in International Business. To learn more, I engaged myself to economical projects in Chamber of Commerce in Katowice. Later on I undertook the first meaningful job and become an administrator of the business language school. At my last year of studying, the University of Economics in Katowice gave me a chance to cooperate with.

Now, I live in Taiwan – the country I chose for myself. I still work in education, teaching children at schools and doing cross-cultural projects for college students. And what is more important, I still travel. Taking a right chance in the past gives me freedom now. And my journey goes on.

There is the one person you were before and the one you are today thanks to the University of Economics of Katowice.

The reasons why I came to Katowice were multiple. Of course, I would like to meet with my polish family roots, but I was looking for something real, something authentic. And I found it.

In Paris, for exchange academic program, people often choose to go in UK, US, or Canada. Why not! Same kind of life, same food, everything the same, except you have to speak English. Comfortable, but a little bit boring. Not that much exiting than going in an unexplored place, fully part of the European modern History.

Coming there, I have chosen something a more adventurous (for French people), more connected with the original Erasmus Program mindset: meet with new people, been out of the comfort area. In Katowice, I found students, professors full of simplicity and honesty, teaching you plenty of things about their country, their topics … Even if the winter was cold, I found warm people there, with a huge willing to share with you all the benefits of living in Katowice. Personally, thanks to the university, I grew up, I extended my mind to new cultures, people, way of life. We have variety of courses; I could even learn polish language. I both educated myself with academic courses and my mind with people.

To conclude, that was a great experience, and I think if it was not there, I was not the same. Katowice gave to my academic exchange more intensity, more sharing moment, more everything.

Having the privilege of being able to study abroad fashioned a myriad of experiences that will have an impending impact on my career path.

Being a U.S. American born with West Indian/Antillean roots – I could have simply gone to any university back home, but already having friends in Poland, I leaped in immersing myself in a new nation that was for the most part foreign.

What led me to leave the United States back in 2016 focused on the death of my mother and grandfather. For me, living at home was taking a toll and knowing how my mental health is shaped, I had to make the best decision which ultimately resulted in me relocating in Poland.

Since I was already an Associate of Arts graduate,  I decided to utilize my high school diploma and passport when applying to the University of Economics. Most if not all of my documents were translated and verified before coming to Poland with the Polish Embassy’s help in Washington D.C. I did choose the University of Economics over a few other Polish institutions due to its affordability and quality in their courses. In doing so, coincidently, a few of my Polish friends moved to nearby regions in Krakow and Katowice (which made my social life flourish).

I studied International Business for 3 years and throughout this duration, I participated in International Week in which visiting professors from various countries such as the United States, Austria, or France would conduct lectures.

In my last year, I was inspired by a technology-based obligated course at the University of Economics. This led me in furthering my IT knowledge with Google through a certification course in becoming a Google IT Specialist. Learning 2 languages throughout my program’s duration allowed me to have opportunities in expanding my Chinese language skills. I was able to pass my HSK exam (a Chinese government recognized exam similar to the ACT/SAT in the U.S.) with my UE Chinese language professor’s assistance and persistence in my final year. During my last semester, I started my Bachelor of Science in Psychology online. There were a few courses that influenced me to do so – especially since marketing utilized psychology as a tool.

Outside of school-work, I joined Common Language, an organization at the University of Economics focusing on English with the manifesto “Mind the Gap” – in which workshops and discussions are conducted with University of Economics staff. Aside from this, I taught Business English and English at a few companies and private homes both in-person and online to adults, teenagers, and children.

Currently, I am preparing my return to the United States of America. I do believe that the University of Economics has encouraged me to follow my aspirations by making a diverse program that focused on international business settings, but as well as other aspects influencing it. I plan on advancing my bachelor’s degree in a Master’s program this upcoming Spring.

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