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About the program

Finance and Accounting for Business is a full-time Master’s degree program delivered in English. The aim of the specialization is to transfer in-depth knowledge, skills and competences in the field of finance and accounting supporting business activity in an international environment. 

The specialization aims in particular at providing practical aspects of contemporary international finance and business processes and problems.

The programme include a 1 month compulsory internship in Polish or foreign company during the last semester.

The studies are aimed at acquiring knowledge and competences by the students in the areas of: 


  • strategic financial management;
  • financial risk management;
  • international finance;
  • financial reporting and auditing from international perspective;
  • strategic management and international marketing;
  • international human resources management;
  • corporate tax management;
  • legal basis for the functioning of enterprises on the international market;
  • IT tools necessary for effective analysis of financial data;
  • methodology of conducting economic and financial analyzes.

Graduate's profile

A graduate has knowledge and skills in the fields of:

  • strategic management of the company's finances;
  • economic and legal basis for the functioning of enterprises on the international market;
  • strategic management, marketing and human resources management;
  • financial risk assessment and management;
  • financial reporting and auditing;
  • consolidation of financial statements;
  • methodology of conducting economic and financial analyzes;
  • taxes in international terms;
  • IT tools use for effective analysis of financial data;
  • team-building, teamwork, assignments and projects;
  • general English and ESP language skills in economics, finance and business.


After graduation, it is possible to work as:

  • middle- and top-level manager;
  • financial analyst;
  • budget analyst;
  • financial advisor;
  • accountant;
  • management consultant;
  • independent entrepreneur and business owner.

Examples of institutions and companies in which students can work after graduation:

  • domestic and international non-financial corporations;
  • domestic and international financial institutions (including banks, insurance companies, investment funds);
  • tax and accountancy offices;
  • consulting companies;
  • central and local governmental entities. 

Teaching methods and scientific staff

The teaching methods are in general oriented towards the inclusion of students into the didactic process. The methods most widely used are especially the following: case studies, group discussion, team building exercises, group work, and student presentations. The active lectures using multimedia – as more classical teaching methods – are also the obvious choice for some teaching in chosen subjects. Teachers aim to facilitate students’ activities, which suit the philosophy of graduate learning.The problem-based teaching and studying approach challenges students to develop the ability to think critically.

The teaching staff has domestic and international scientific achievements (implemented research projects, participation in international conferences, publications in English language) and high didactic competences (teaching abroad, cooperation with foreign universities). Some of the teachers have also practical experience in business and financial sector.

Additional information


Fields of study Finance and accounting has an accreditation of Polish Accreditation Commission till 2020.


The program include a 1 month compulsory internship in Polish or foreign company during the last semester. The companies in which the students have completed their internships:

  • Allianz Technology SE (Germany);
  • EprojectConsult (Italy);
  • ING Solution Investment Managment (Luxemburg);
  • Arcelormittal Business Center of Excellence Poland (Poland);
  • Capgemini (Poland);
  • PWC Services Delivery center Poland Sp. z o. o. (Poland);
  •  Agata S.A. (Poland);
  • UHY ECA Audit Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. (Poland);
  • Paccor Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland);
  • Firma Usługowa AGA Agnieszka Kasińska (Poland);
  • Kancelaria Rachunkowość Podatki Ewa Domagała (Poland);
  • BG Bogdan Goliński (Poland);
  • Biuro Rachunkowe E-Biuro - Edyta Smolik (Poland);
  • PTA Audyt Sp. z o.o. (Poland);
  • P.P.U.H. TREX-HAL Sp. z o.o. (Poland);
  • Cyclad Sp. z o.o. (Poland).

Graduates and students about the programme

"After completion of bachelor degree in business studies specialized in Accounting and Finance, I wanted to join master degree in well known university. Finding desirable courses and university has been never so easy.

I passed through various university's websites looking at the courses they offer. Then, I found University of Economics in Katowice which offers Master degree in Accounting and Finance for International Business.

Those 2 years I spent in University taught me a lot and helps me to broaden my knowledge in this field. Wise and helpful Professors, well equipped classroom, advanced teaching systems and practical problem solving techniques makes my study more effective. I also get chance to meet international students from different countries who shares different values, cultures and ideas".

 Graduate from Nepal

"I have so far completed the MA in Finance and Accounting for Business program at UEK for intake 2017/2019. And to be honest, I am really happy and satisfied with this program. This built course brought me a chance to study in English with knowledgeable teachers and professors who are so kind to help students out with any issues might occur during the study. The Dean Office takes good role to provide necessary supports to all the students in any cases. 

Besides that, with Finance and Accounting for Business course at UEK, I've got a chance to study with other international students come from other EU countries as well as from other continents, in which we gained good friendship and shared intensive cultures. Furthermore, at UEK, all the students will have an opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ program if they work well on the study for this course. And this is an absolutely amazing experience to any students. 

Therefore, if you are searching for an international English course for MA, I would highly recommend this Finance and Accounting for Business program at UEK, where you can enrich the knowledge in finance & accounting for career path as well as get the chance to gain more information about international business environment, around EU especially".

Student from Vietnam

"Finance and Accounting for Business will give you the tools and mechanisms to succeed in your life and in your future business". 

"Finance and Accounting for Business is a good mix between practical knowledge and forward thinking research. Being with international students in a fast pace environment is a great personal and academic experience". 

Graduate from France

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