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International Business Master’s Degree Program at UE Katowice

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International Business is a two-year program which offers you a unique opportunity to study business in the international context, with a solid grounding in economics, law, finance and management. You will get familiar with the contemporary issues in the global economy and the conditions of conducting international business operations. The language of instruction is English and additionally during the entire duration of the program, students can study two selected foreign languages.

When graduating from the Master's Degree Program in International Business a person should have a developed set of competences applicable for self-employment and for taking operational and managerial positions in companies functioning in a multicultural environment. The students work in a multicultural environment and carry out projects in cooperation with students coming from different countries, which is a key advantage for those planning a career in international business.

Program structure

The program is designed for students to acquire knowledge and competences in the areas concerning:

  • general management,
  • management of an internationalized company,
  • corporate strategies of international companies,
  • cross cultural management.

The IB program has a special structure of the academic year. It is divided into 4 semi-semesters. The courses are taught in intensive 7-week blocks after which students pass an inter-semester exam. Such intensification of education fosters concentration on the subject, increases the chance to achieve the intended learning outcomes, and provides students with greater comfort during the exam session.


The courses are taught by both Polish and foreign experts from Spain, Belgium, France, the USA etc. who are actively involved in research in the area of international business. There is also a chance to meet practitioners from local and international companies during study visits or guest lectures.

In teaching the emphasis is put on practical knowledge and usage of interactive teaching methods that require personal engagement. The lecturers use modern methods including workshops, simulations, case studies, research projects and problem-based learning.


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EFMD accreditation is one of the most demanding business accreditations, a quality mark recognized worldwide. The basic criterion for obtaining it is a detailed verification of the quality of the study program, paying special attention to, among other things: the position of the program in the national and international market, the importance of a given program for the university, the quality of the knowledge transferred, relations with the business environment and graduates, as well as the qualifications of the faculty.  


The International Business program cooperates with various international and local stakeholders. These include companies where students can complete their internship in order to understand the activities of international business professionals and learn about personal career goals. Moreover, International Business has university partners from all over the world to run common projects with like: 

This cooperation allows students to work in a multicultural environment and carry out projects together with students coming from different countries, which is a key advantage for those planning a career in international business.

Infrastructure and location

The university's extensive infrastructure is at your disposal: modern libraries, multimedia rooms, swimming pool, gym, relaxation zones, free parking lots and Wi-Fi. If you cannot visit us now - take a virtual walk around the campus. The campus is located in the city of Katowice, the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship and the heart of Metropolis inhabited by over 2 million people. Katowice is a city of dynamic transformations, open to changes, attracting young people who associate their future with Poland. It is a great place to study, live, work and spend free time.


The special structure of the academic year of International Business programs allows for a mobility window. Therefore the students have a chance to study or have an internship abroad with the support of Erasmus+ scholarship at over 300 partner universities and companies all over the world. International Business students most often go to the United Kingdom and France, but also to the USA or South Korea.


Competences after graduation 

After studying International Business, you will be able to:

  • actively participate in complex decision-making processes relating to the functioning of the organization in a networked, international and intercultural environment;
  • critically select the data and methods of analysis and the respective knowledge to research and interpret the motives, forms and outcomes of international activities of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • evaluate the risks and effects of realized strategies and activities of internationalized organizations;
  • formulate problems and solve them with the use of knowledge and competences from within and outside the organization (e.g. including specialists in international business consulting, research and business service companies);
  • understand professional and social obligations related to functioning in a multicultural environment. 

Job opportunities after graduation

After graduation, you can work as:

  • entrepreneur - owner of a company operating on foreign markets;
  • self-employed specialist in foreign trade;
  • self-employed consultant of international management;
  • marketing / finance / accounting / human resources or PR manager in an internationalized company;
  • foreign trade / export-import department manager in a company;
  • strategy consultant in international business consulting company;
  • specialist or manager in a non-profit organization operating in international environment;
  • international management issues specialist in public administration offices;
  • researcher of international business area at public and private universities and in research agencies.

WARNING! The film can trigger epilepsy seizures.

After what studies you can join us

The candidates to the Master Program in International Business are required to have a Bachelor degree and good knowledge of English (at least B2). We invite all those who want to learn the specialized vocabulary of business language, understand cultural differences in international business, develop their network of contacts and gain valuable experience. We are waiting for graduates of social and economic faculties, incl. sociology, management, economics.

How to apply

The basic requirement for admission of candidates for master's studies is the original Bachelor diploma or original diploma supplement / transcript of records and a document confirming the knowledge of English. The detailed application process and necessary documents are presented below.

Learn more about tuition fees, terms and conditions of studying. Log into the Dream Apply system, choose your study program, fill in the application form and follow the steps below.  

Prepare your recent passport photograph see requirements.  

Upload the documents to your application.

Don't forget to click the SUBMIT button!

  • Pay the application fee in the amount of PLN 85 (approx. EUR 21)
    (the bank account number is available in the application system);
  • Upload the payment confirmation into your account
    (in the section where you uploaded all your documents);
  • When the payment will be noted on the University's bank account, your application will be furtherly processed and verified.

After positive verification of your application, we will invite you for an interview. After obtaining a positive result of the interview you will receive a payment notification for the first year tuition fee. When we confirm the transfer, we will issue the acceptance letter, which can be used for your visa application.

Apply for a visa in a Polish consulate. You can start the process not sooner than three months before your planned arrival in Poland. Remember to take all of your documents to be legalized by a Polish consul. 

Come to Poland before the start of the semester. Visit the Admissions and bring all of the original documents with you.

To enroll in the study program in Poland, you must have valid health insurance (a medical travel insurance whose coverage amounts to not less than EUR 30,000, and covering all expenses that may arise in connection with the need to return for medical reasons, a medical emergency, urgent hospitalisation or death, or medical insurance within the meaning of Polish regulations on health care benefits financed out of public funds). 

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