International MASTER IN Intercultural Business (Magellan)

The Integrated International Master Program, jointly developed and implemented by four different European universities, provides a transformative learning experience designed to develop global leaders to lead culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams in multicultural environments. It aims to create a dynamic learning environment by nurturing psychological, business, and cultural intelligence; by promoting intercultural communication; by teaching about global contexts, competencies, and problem solving. It is based on the synergy of business, leadership, culture and learning strategies that form a multidimensional framework leading to the development of globally literate business leaders.

Reason why?

This two-year master program thought in four different countries, focuses on international business and enhances students’ global business literacy. It also examines how global and cultural issues affect business functions, such as strategic management, marketing management, and legal regulations. It aims to support experiential learning by linking education, work, and personal development through internships which foster meaningful activities related to course-based experience

Program structure 

The study programme is divided into four semesters and takes place at four different European universities. The first semester takes place at the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), where students learn about international business theories, including subjects such as economics, law, management, marketing and market research. The second semester takes place at the University of Debrecen (Hungary). Students learn about the intercultural aspects of the international business with a strong focus on economics and management in intercultural environment, on negotiations and communication, and leadership competences across cultures, as well as CSR. Third semester is offered by the University of Economics in Varna (Bulgaria). Students learn about the specific tools used in international business from an intercultural perspective. Topics such as consumer intercultural skills, and managerial skills will be offered together with development of soft skills (design thinking) and knowledge about new technologies in the work place. During this semester the students will also participate in an intensive programme to build their practical intercultural skills and will prepare a consulting project together with selected companies . The final semester at CEU Cardinal Herrera University (Spain) is dedicated to internship and finalisation of master's thesis but also to very practical courses on behaviour, relationship marketing, brand management are presented.

The main distinctive features of the study programme are the strong emphasis on linguistic competence (students study two languages at least at B2 level) as well as the development of practical skills of the students in cooperation with enterprises.

Teaching classes are conducted by lecturers from four partner countries as well as other universities. All lecturers have extensive experience in teaching as well as in the field of international business. The semesters are organised in the following order: the first semester begins in Poland, then students study in Hungary, the third will take pace in Bulgaria and fourth semester will be offered in Spain. During the studies the latest teaching methods are used: interactive lectures, case studies, experiential learning, intensive programmes, simulation games, as well as practical activities in the form of meetings with entrepreneurs, study visits or consulting projects.


The lecturers in the field are professors employed at the University of Economics in Katowice University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), University of Debrecen (Hungary), University of Economics in Varna (Bulgaria), and CEU Cardinal Herrera University (Spain), as well as visiting professors. At the same time, students are offered lectures by practitioners and study visits to companies.

Infrastructure and location

The university's extensive infrastructure is at your disposal: modern libraries, multimedia rooms, swimming pool, gym, relaxation zones, free parking lots and Wi-Fi. If you cannot visit us now - take a virtual walk around the campus. The campus is located in the city of Katowice, the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship and the heart of Metropolis inhabited by over 2 million people. Katowice is a city of dynamic transformations, open to changes, attracting young people who associate their future with Poland. It is a great place to study, live, work and spend free time.


Magellan students can take advantage of the scholarship and internships offered within the scope of the semester exchange offered. The possibility of applying for a scholarship depends on the academic results and signed foreign contracts. Information for each recruitment is provided separately before the beginning of the academic year.

Competences after graduation 

After finishing the Magellan study programme, students will become globally literate and culturally intelligent and develop a global mind-set. They will possess a broader perspective on the world, on markets, companies, and people. They will be able to understand the motivations and expectations of businesses, markets and strategies across cultures and borders.

Multiple studies show how hard it is to find employers with adequate intercultural skills. Moreover, at companies such training is not provided. Students with how intercultural skills have very good job opportunities nowadays. Most companies are going global and they need staff prepared to work on those environments.

Companies demand intercultural skills in order to improve the understanding of the workplace as well as to adapt the strategies to diverse environments.

Due to the in-depth teaching and practical training students will develop intercultural knowledge, skills and competences. All that is so relevant nowadays when facing the international job market. Every person willing to develop his/her career in an international environment should have knowledge on how to understand/interpret: an specific market, an international workplace and even on a social scale how not to be misled by certain cultural habits/rules/reactions.

The graduate will be fully prepared to work in an international environment, and also to work in an international group while observing the principles of socially sustainable development.

Job opportunities after graduation 

A graduate of Magellan study programme may ultimately be employed in a managerial position in an international corporation and, hold the position of managing director (CEO), marketing director (CEM) or Director of Intercultural Affairs, Intercultural Communication Director, International Services Manager, Intercultural Training Manager, International Human Resources Director, Communication and Leadership Instructor, Intercultural Consultant, Facilitator Job Developer. 

After what studies you can join us

We invite people with a good command of English (at least B2), who can demonstrate good academic achievements, who want to expand their knowledge of intercultural management, and also gain valuable experience. We invite graduates from fields like: management, economy, finance, communication and others.

How to apply

Learn more about tuition fees, terms and conditions of studying. Log into the Dream Apply system, choose your study program, fill in the application form and follow the steps below.  

Prepare your recent passport photograph see requirements.  

Upload the documents to your application.

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  • Pay the application fee in the amount of PLN 85 (approx. EUR 21)
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  • When the payment will be noted on the University's bank account, your application will be furtherly processed and verified.

After positive verification of your application, we will invite you for an interview. After obtaining a positive result of the interview you will receive a payment notification for the first semester tuition fee. When we confirm the transfer, we will issue the acceptance letter, which can be used for your visa application.

Apply for a visa in a Polish consulate. You can start the process not sooner than three months before your planned arrival in Poland. Remember to take all of your documents to be legalized by a Polish consul. 

Come to Poland before the start of the semester. Visit the Admissions and bring all of the original documents with you.

To enroll in the study program in Poland, you must have valid health insurance (a medical travel insurance whose coverage amounts to not less than EUR 30,000, and covering all expenses that may arise in connection with the need to return for medical reasons, a medical emergency, urgent hospitalisation or death, or medical insurance within the meaning of Polish regulations on health care benefits financed out of public funds). 

Information clause


There are fees in the amount of EUR 2,000 per year of study (EUR 4,000 for the entire studies) plus local administration fees set by each of the partners.


Admissions limit


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