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Quantitative Asset and Risk Management (ARIMA) Master’s Degree Program at UE Katowice

The Quantitative Asset and Risk Management (ARIMA) program, taught entirely in English in the Finance and Accounting major, allows students to learn the practical application of quantitative methods in finance and insurance. Graduates will be prepared to work in institutions operating in and around the financial market. Practical knowledge of quantitative methods and business English will be an added advantage.

DOUBLE DEGREE - A student of this specialisation has the opportunity to obtain an additional diploma from one of the selected partner universities: University of Bologna, FH BFI in Vienna or University of Florence.

    The ARIMA program has the following affiliations:

    • CFA Institute - confirms that the program provides content preparing students for the CFA®  exams, and offers scholarships for these exams.
    • GARP - confirms that the program provides content that prepares for the GARP FRM® exam, and offers scholarships for these exams.
    • PRMIA - confirms that the program provides content that prepares for the PRM® exam, and offers the opportunity to apply for credit for one of the two exams.

    Are you ambitious and do you have a clearly defined goal? Is the world of numbers and finance your cup of tea? Do you have aspirations for an international career? Then ARIMA is for you! The double degree, international experience and specialized language skills prepare you to enter the world of international finance, where your working opportunities are just around the corner!

    Program structure

    The programme was constructed to balance the theory of asset and risk management with its practical counterpart. ARIMA students broaden their knowledge in the field of risk measurement, valuation of financial instruments as well as model-based management. Additionally, the use of IT tools (VBA, R, MATLAB, Python) provides support during the process of knowledge application, where it can become a fundament of understanding the advanced modeling and valuation techniques.

    In this course, students are working in small groups. The individual approach allows a more flexible timetable, for example modules 2 days per week. The elastic study time and also fitting the exam schedules for the working students, is a perfect option for those who want to start their career during university.


    Our professors create a highly qualified team with fluent English skills, where the majority have great experience in international cooperation. They apply innovative educational methodologies, such as acquisition methods or practical methods with the use of new technologies eg. simulator games. For the students, they combine the theory of business with the practical aspects of it. Our University frequently invites guest professors from foreign Universities, but also professionals from the field, among all from UBS Solution - the business partner of the course ( and whole Finance and Accounting Department).



    The ARIMA programme is a member of the educational-scientific network INTQUANT and GrEnFin. They allow students to participate in additional Intensive Programmes as well as Summer Schools.

    The gained CFA and PRMIA accreditations, give students a possibility to frequently take part in offered projects like:

    • CFA Research Challenge
    • CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab
    • CFA Ethics Challenge
    • AI in ESG Investing
    • PRMIA Risk Management Challenge  

    Infrastructure and location

    The university's extensive infrastructure is at your disposal: modern libraries, multimedia rooms, swimming pool, gym, relaxation zones, free parking lots and Wi-Fi. If you cannot visit us now - take a virtual walk around the campus. The campus is located in the city of Katowice, the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship and the heart of Metropolis inhabited by over 2 million people. Katowice is a city of dynamic transformations, open to changes, attracting young people who associate their future with Poland. It is a great place to study, live, work and spend free time.


    Besides the research project-based trips, our students have various options for foreign studies and internships. The ARIMA students usually decide to go on the exchange to Great Britain, Austria and Finland in Europe, while the more adventurous ones decide on the USA, Taiwan or Russia.


    Competences after graduation 

    The ARIMA graduates know and can apply advanced techniques of:

    • asset price valuation and risk management;
    • asset management;
    • risk management;
    • insurance management.

    The double degree system and international accreditations greatly raises the educational standards, that opens the work opportunities for national and international prospects.

    Job opportunities after graduation

    The obtained practical knowledge of Business English and quantitative methods, simultaneously with finishing ARIMA significantly facilitates getting a job in financial institutions like: general and investment banks, investment and pension funding, also IT and consulting companies. 

    ARIMA graduates may work as:

    • portfolio/asset manager;
    • middle- and top-level manager;
    • financial analyst;
    • financial advisor;
    • management consultant;
    • independent entrepreneur.

    WARNING! The film can trigger epilepsy seizures.

    After what studies you can join us

    The ARIMA programme requires future students to be on the English level not lower than B2. The candidates with interest in practical application of quantitative methods in finance and insurance. Moreover, the recommended Bachelor education in fields like:

    • Finance and accounting;
    • Financial Analytics;
    • Informatics;
    • Mathematics;
    • Econophysics and others.

    Please remember that the programme was constructed in a way that any graduate from different fields, with the interest of the topic, was able to be successful. The first semester is concentrated on the introduction to finance and quantitative methods topics. The following terms will work specifically on the issues of assets and risk management.

    How to apply

    The basic requirement for admission of candidates for master's studies is the original Bachelor diploma or original diploma supplement / transcript of records and a document confirming the knowledge of English. The detailed application process and necessary documents are presented below.

    Learn more about tuition fees, terms and conditions of studying. Log into the IRK application system choose your study program, fill in the application form and follow the steps below.

    You may find it useful to have a look at our Guide to the IRK System which presents, step by step, how to create an account, sign up for (a) program(s) of your choice and upload all the documents necessary for the admission process.

    Click here to read the guide

    2. Scan the following required documents

    Prepare your recent passport photograph see requirements.  

    Upload the documents to your application.

    3. Pay the application fee

    • Pay the application fee in the amount of PLN 85 (approx. EUR 21)
      (the bank account number is available in the application system);
    • Upload the payment confirmation into your account
      (in the section where you uploaded all your documents);
    • When the payment will be noted on the University's bank account, your application will be furtherly processed and verified.

    4. Wait for the decision and pay the tuition fee

    After positive verification of your application, we will invite you for an interview. After obtaining a positive result of the interview you will receive a payment notification for the first year tuition fee. When we confirm the transfer, we will issue the acceptance letter, which can be used for your visa application. In case of visa refusal each student can get a full tuition fee refund (bank may charge some fees for the transfer). The refund will be made to the account indicated by the applicant. You must provide us with the information necessary to make the transfer on the special form and attach the visa refusal letter.

    5. Apply for a visa

    Apply for a visa in a Polish consulate. You can start the process not sooner than three months before your planned arrival in Poland. Remember to take all of your documents to be legalized by a Polish consul. 

    6. Come to Poland and visit the Admission Office at the UE Katowice

    Come to Poland before the start of the semester. Visit the Admissions and bring all of the original documents with you to have copies made and included in the student’s personal files. The Admissions Office is located in the CNTI building in the room number 2/17, Bogucicka 5 street, Katowice. If you fail to register for the semester during the registration period, you will not be eligible to attend the University or to proceed your studies. Please note that you will have to be within a health insurance scheme that is valid from your first day in Poland. Proof of insurance will be requested when submitting documents.


    To enroll in the study program in Poland, you must have valid health insurance (a medical travel insurance whose coverage amounts to not less than EUR 30,000, and covering all expenses that may arise in connection with the need to return for medical reasons, a medical emergency, urgent hospitalisation or death, or medical insurance within the meaning of Polish regulations on health care benefits financed out of public funds). 

    Information clause


    Admissions limit


    Contact us

    Do you have a question about the application process? Ask our specialist from the Admissions Office:

    Anna Maniura

    Anna Maniura

    Admissions Office
    Bogucicka 5
    Building: CNTI; room: 2/17
    Photo of Barbara  Fuks

    Barbara Fuks

    Admissions Office
    Bogucicka 5
    Building: CNTI; room: 2/17
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