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Mobility options - INTQUANT

The project „Creating an International Semester for Master Programmes in Quantitative Finance“ (INTQUANT) establishes a strategic partnership in finance and risk management between higher education institutions throughout Europe. Through this network INTQUANT aims at enhancing the quality and attractiveness of international student mobility in the master programs in quantitative finance of the involved higher education institutions.

Even though the project has come to an end in 2017, the intellectual output, hand-outs, results, opportunities and solutions remain available to the students and academic staff.

Long-term mobility with Double Degree

Selection process for Double Degree concentates on three elements:

  1. Self evaluation of language skills (Language Passport)
  2. Motivation Letter
  3. Academic performance (grade average)

After registering yourself in the admission system for Erasmus programmes, please sent Language passport and Motivation Letter to 

In the Motivation letter please indicate priorities regarding your desitantion (Partner University and preferred semester)

Grade average is provided by the Dean's Office.

Associate documents for long-term mobility

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