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The UE Katowice 2025 mission refers directly to the mission adopted in the Development Strategy of UE Katowice for 2018-2025 and reads as follows:

The University of Economics in Katowice has a responsibility to conduct relevant research and business-oriented education to provide top professionals in the field of economics, management, finance, logistics, administration, as well as IT and communication. As an academic community, we identify ourselves with the dynamically developing region and our surroundings. We offer lifelong learning opportunities in order to support entrepreneurship, business and the public sector. The University is open to international and expert cooperation. We create a community based on shared values and trust, enable equal opportunities and counteract all forms of exclusion.


The UE Katowice 2025 mission is based on six values:

  1. Excellence (E): we provide our students with a high level of knowledge and competence, using modern tools and technologies; we care about the continuous and responsible professional development of our staff; we modernize the infrastructure and adapt to the individual needs of our stakeholders.
  2. Innovation (I): we engage in innovative research and discover new knowledge, disseminate it and, above all, create useful value from it; we develop centers of scientific excellence and zones for learning and teaching; we offer attractive forms of education, contributing to the creative and sustainable development of the region and the world.
  3. Openness (O): we seek new ideas and ambitious challenges, with a focus on diversity and flexibility; we aim to expand knowledge and share our achievements.
  4. Cooperation (C): we operate in a region undergoing dynamic transformation and initiate, as well as co-create, partnerships and strategic relationships with domestic and foreign stakeholders; we evaluate ourselves through the prism of the successes of our partners, employees and students.
  5. Commitment (C): we contribute to regional and national development, actively support the development of socially significant projects and listen to the voice of the environment; we contribute to building a knowledge society, that is prepared to live in a rapidly changing environment and a digital world open to the challenges of the green economy.
  6. Sensitivity (S): we are aware of the needs of the environment and counteract all forms of exclusion; we support the development of civic attitudes and remain ethical and transparent in our actions.  


The UE Katowice 2025 vision refers directly to the vision presented in the Development Strategy of UE Katowice for 2018-2025 and is formulated as follows:

The University of Economics in Katowice is the center of student, scientific and business life. It is an academic community open to cooperation with the environment, which creates and implements economic and managerial knowledge for the development of the region, the country and abroad.

The realization of the UE Katowice 2025 vision involves in particular:

  • strengthening the prestige/position of the University, both in Southern Poland and among economic universities in the country; 
  • modernization and individualization of the University's teaching offer, including the establishment of broader cooperation with business practice, the use of modern teaching tools and personalization of the student's education process; 
  • focusing research on key scientific specializations developed within faculties, departments and centers of scientific excellence, which create the potential to be a leader in the country and to excel internationally; 
  • internationalization of the teaching offer and scientific activity, including increasing openness to comprehensive relations with students, lecturers and scientists from abroad;
  • initiating and developing expert and didactic cooperation with the business sector and public institutions, as well as transferring research results to business practice;
  • creating a friendly environment for working, studying and conducting project and consulting activities, as well as increasing awareness of the challenges facing the local community and the region;
  • ensuring effective administrative and organizational support in teaching and research processes, as well as in activities related to providing expertise, including offering an attractive career path combined with an appealing system of motivation and rewards; 
  • modernization of infrastructure, including modernization and development of the existing premises and adjusting them to the needs of people with special needs, as well as increasing the access to friendly ICT solutions, e-learning platforms and various databases, portals and knowledge repositories. 



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