EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2022 Scientific Conference

15 of June at the International Congress Centre in Katowice will take place ESOF 2022 side conference. It is connected to the EuroScience Open Forum 2022 (ESOF) organized in Leiden. This event is also the official inauguration of Katowice’s acceptance of the title of European City of Science 2024. Her Magnificence Rector Prof. Celina M. Olszak, Ph.D., D.Sc. will take part in the event.

The European Capital of Science is organized by EuroScience (European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology). It brings together more than 4,500 leading thinkers, innovators, journalists and education representatives from around the world. 

EuropeanScience Open Forum is held every two years. The first edition of ESOF took place in 2004. It is the largest conference of its kind in Europe, attracting to economic cities representatives of: science, business, politics and media from around the world. 

This year's European City of Science 2022 is the tenth edition. It will be held at the European City of Science Leiden in the Netherlands from July 13 to 16, 2022. 

Katowice will host a side event - ESOF Katowice Regional Site at ESOF Leiden, to be held on 15 July 2022 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice.

Organization of the conference in Katowice is connected with granting the city the title of European City of Science 2024. This title allows, among others, to increase the involvement of residents, the region and the scientific community in solving local problems and to strengthen the possibility of obtaining funds for implementation of investment plans in local science. 

Katowice is the first city in Central and Eastern Europe with the EMN title. This is the result of a joint effort of the City of Katowice and the academic community. The city is not only the capital of Upper Silesia (for a long time associated mainly with mines and steelworks), it is also undergoing a transformation - its new industry is science. The city is a thriving academic center and a place of development of modern technologies and dissemination of research. 

The conference is organized by a consortium of universities "Katowice - City of Science" together with EuroScience and the City of Katowice. 

The consortium includes: Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Silesian University of Technology, Silesian Medical University, University of Economics in Katowice and University of Silesia in Katowice. 

The conference will consist of twelve, 75-minute stationary sessions, some of them will be transmitted to Leidy (four). It will be attended by specialists from universities forming Katowice consortium of European City of Science 2024 and invited guests, representing Polish and foreign research centers, business experts, cultural institutions and media.

Topics will include:

  • environmental sustainability,
  • a sustainable academic career,
  • academic freedom and responsibility,
  • cultural identity and social change,
  • education for entrepreneurship,
  • learning spaces,
  • a healthy society.

Participants will also seek to answer questions such as:

  • What will science look like in the future and how can science improve its functionality as a transformative agent that leads to change in society?
  • How can science be maximally open across borders, disciplinary, geographical and social divides?
  • What are the future behaviors, values, expectations, attitudes, and norms of the research community?
  • How can institutional structures be changed to support diversity, balance, and inclusion?
  • What will be the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the research community and scientific practices?

Side events at the ESOF conference will include discussions on:

  • the model of doctoral education,
  • ways of conducting implementation doctorates,
  • direction of changes in scientific publishing (how it should work - combining modernity with editorial tradition, so that it becomes the best place for reliable reviewing, and then publishing and promoting scientific research results).

Registration is required to attend the event using the registration form. 

More information about the event available on the websites: Leiden - European Science City 2022, ESOF 2022 Conference and European Science City 2024. 

A detailed conference program is available on the ESOF website.

You are welcome!