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Integration? Naturally through nature!

On November 9, Polish and international students of our University took part in a very special workshop on creating forests in a jar. During this unusual event, they were able to spend some good time together and strengthen their already-formed friendships!

The workshops were not only a novel chance to learn about ecology and plant care, but, what's even more important, were a great group activity. Shared contact with nature, preparation of personalized ecosystems, experiments with different plants and setups and the possibility to watch how the created forests grow every day will certainly affect the well-being of the participants in the long run.

Our University is well aware of the importance of our students' health, including both psychological and physical well-being, which is why we strive to support them, often using unconventional methods. Workshops on creating forests in a jar are just one of such examples, being part of numerous other initiatives carried out as part of the "Feel good @UEKat" project implemented by Internationalization.

We highly encourage everyone to keep an eye on the project's website, where information on future events will be posted regularly! 

"Feel good @UEKat – support for improving the psycho-physical condition of foreign students at UE Katowice" project received funding from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) under the program "Welcome to Poland (2022)". Total value of the project: PLN 233,350.00

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