Intensive international program "IP 1 - Gamification of learning"


Monday, March 28, marked the beginning of an intensive international program "IP 1 - Gamification of learning" conducted by our University under the project "Creative Education Academy". Participants included 17 international students from the University of Alicante and the HOWEST University of Applied Sciences, as well as several students of the International Business study program. This was only the first of 3 intensive programs included in the project, for the implementation of which the University has received funding from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange’s programme "SPINAKER - Intensive International Education Programs".

The IP 1 was divided into 2 blocks and its main theme was international segmentation. During the first part of the program, which lasted one week and was carried out remotely, participants familiarized themselves with teaching materials made available on a dedicated platform and conducted preliminary research on consumer segmentation.

The second part of the program, held in a stationary form in Katowice, began on April 4 and lasted until the end of the week. Throughout the week, students, with the support of international experts from Belgium, Spain, Canada and France,  participated in an interactive game that tested and consolidated their knowledge in the field of international segmentation. They also had a chance to learn more about the culture of Poland and Silesia region through trips to the Silesian Museum and the historic coal mine "Guido".

The program was not only a great opportunity to expand business and cultural knowledge, but also to make new friends in a fun atmosphere.