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Monograph published by Edward Elgar Publishing

In March 2024, the monograph entitled "The Elgar Companion to Information Economics" was published by Edward Elgar Publishing. It was edited by Daphne R. Raban (University of Haifa) and Julia Włodarczyk (University of Economics in Katowice). This work resulted from nearly three years of collaboration of distinguished economists invited by the editors (including Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Joseph Konstan, Wolfgang Stock, Johannes Bauer, and Sandra Braman). The contributors representing the University of Economics in Katowice are: Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka, Ewa Wanda Maruszewska, Maciej Tuszkiewicz, and Julia Włodarczyk.

"The Elgar Companion to Information Economics" goes beyond the traditional boundaries of information economics. Its focus refers to information and disinformation, inequalities, information asymmetry, influence and influencers, innovation, intellectual property rights, payments in the information market, value of information, and the future of information economics. The unifying thread of the monograph’s chapters refers to the tension between information scarcity and abundance, reflecting the contrast between neoclassical assumption related to scarcity and the reality of the 21st century.

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