Open seminar Sustainable Finance and Accounting

Open seminar Sustainable Finance and Accounting on 20th October 2016 was a part of the 4th International Week New Frontiers in Finance and Accounting in the Faculty of Finance and Insurance.

The main theme of the seminar were issues related to balanced growth. In particular the following papers were presented:

  • Perta Kroflin - Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Ravensburg - Low interests, pension accruals and new models of employers’ pension schemes in the context of corporate sustainability and corporate governance
  • Ana Kundid - Theorethical and Empirical (Un)Justification of Currency Clause and Administrative Interest Rate: The Case of Croatia
  • Svitlana Kuznetsova, Andriy Kuznetsov - Alfred Nobel University - Cultural Control in Management Control: Diagnostic model