Our university as a partner of the 6th European Congress of SMEs and Future Entrepreneurs

The biggest event of this type in Poland started on 10th of October 2016 at the International Congress Center. Small and medium-size entrepreneurship is the most important sector of the Polish economy. It was also the main subject of the Congress. Challenges and possibilities of the development of SMEs was discussed by the most significant personalities in Poland, representatives of science, politics and economy, as well as numerous foreign delegations. Several academics e.i. Prof. Andrzej Rączaszek, Prof. Artur Świerczek, Prof. Jan Wojtyła, Marcin Baron Ph.D., Bartłomiej J. Gabryś, Adam Polko, Ph.D., Rafał Żelazny, Ph.D. of our university were among the moderators and speakers as well. Sixth edition of this prestigious congress took place on 10th-12th October 2016. The event was accompanied by Services and Products for Small and Medium – Size Enterprises Fair BIZNES EXPO Katowice.

We are proud to be the partners of the "Future Entrepreneurs" - a special cycle of students’ meetings with inspiring people from the world of business and science which constitutes part of the Congress. The formula of these meetings is 50/50 (half time of lecture and half time for a discussion with a public); it creates an opportunity to exchange opinions between invited guests and participants. The meetings took place on the second and third day of the Congress.

The project is dedicated to ambitious students and graduates, interested in entrepreneurship and self-development. Thanks to its flexible formula, students have the opportunity of a free exchange of views and discussions with invited guests. The organisers want to emphasize the cooperation of business and scientific communities Visegrad Group (V4) – the topic was one of the most important pillars of this year’s congressional debate. Therefore many ambitious and committed young people from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary were invited to participate in the Future Entrepreneurs.