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Socially Responsible University

Social responsibility is part of the mission of the University of Economics in Katowice, according to which "(...) we are engaged in issues important to the economy and society starting from our home region". As a public university, our development is based on three priorities: sustainable development, smart resource management and counteracting social exclusion. The purpose of these activities is to promote and educate a responsible community.

The mission of a modern university, such as ours, includes higher education, research and development of science as well as activities for our environment in an entrepreneurial manner (educational, scientific, cultural and specialist activity). With this in mind, UEKat attempts to be a reliable source of knowledge and to approach educational services in a professional way.

We are an organization aware of its role in society. Based on our 6 key values:

  • quality,
  • excellence,
  • innovation,
  • integrity,
  • internationalization,
  • social responsibility.

We care about internal and external as well as closer and further environment. We actively participate in the life of the community, building long-term partnership-based relations. Despite many activities, we are aware that this very important role of the University requires even more strategic approach, centralised coordination of actions as well as the intensification and involvement of the entire academic community.

The activities undertaken by the University so far include:

  1. education,
  2. health and safety,
  3. environmental activities,
  4. equalizing opportunities, eliminating social differences and developing active citizenship.

To this aim, we cooperate with state and local government institutions and NGOs, academic and economic communities, cultural institutions, local community and the media.

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