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Activity promoting sports

Although UEKat is a scientific University, sport is an important aspect of life in the academic community. The Physical Education and Sports Centre and the Academic Sports Association operate at the University and feature sports sections. Students and staff can also attend non-obligatory classes, including at the swimming pool or gym. The mission of the Physical Education and Sport Centre active since 1952 is to "provide students with the competences necessary for physical activity throughout their lives and for active and full participation in professional, family and social life of the 21st century".

  • All physical education classes are held in the University’s own facilities in buildings A and C.
  • Physical education classes are obligatory for the first year undergraduate full-time students of the College of Economics, Finance and Insurance, Management and 1st and 2nd year of Informatics and Communication, 2 hours a week. Mandatory classes last 2 semesters (1 ECTS credit per semester). The content and physical loads during classes depends on the health, fitness and interests of young people.
  • Students can participate in the following classes: volleyball, basketball, football and handball, swimming learning and improvement, whole-body training in the gym and in the water, aerobics, pilates, hatha yoga, badminton, table tennis, floorball, Nordic walking and at the gym.
  • Classes at the swimming pool are adjusted to the swimming skills of the exercisers. They include swimming lessons, skill improvement, strengthening exercises in water and water polo elements.
  • Students with certified degree of disability (permanent or temporary) have the opportunity to participate in improvement exercises.


There are two artistic groups at the University. The "Silesianie” Song and Dance Ensemble promotes Silesian and Polish dances; it performs during events organized in the region, in Poland and abroad. The University Choir performs music during many university and non-university events, takes part in nationwide and international competitions, winning numerous awards.

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