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Campaigns by student organizations

Bieg Bohaterów (Hero Run) is an annual project established by the PANEUROPA Student Organisation. It involves organizing the run of people dressed up as super heroes. The aim is to collect funds for the Cordis Hospice in Katowice. Each edition is considerably popular.

Studiuję – głosuję! (I study - I vote!) is the campaign of the Independent Students Association to raise awareness and promote the right civic attitude, organized before elections to state bodies. Through their activities as part of an information campaign the students encourage participation in the election by voting.

Drogowskazy Kariery (Career Guidance) is the initiative of the Independent Students Association at UEKat for the development of future career. The main idea of the project is to help in matching the best development option by showing a wide range of diverse internships, organizing a series of trainings and meetings with representatives of recognized companies. The knowledge provided to students as part of the project on the current situation on the market of internships and opportunities makes them aware and confident about their professional choices.

 "PRogress na studiach” (PRogress in college) is a campaign consisting of two parts, organized under the slogans: "Superman na studiach” (Superman in college) and "Szpilki na studiach” (Heels in college) by "PRogress". These are two-day workshops organized in March to allow the students of all Silesian universities to extend their skills in the field of appropriate image, a healthy lifestyle, self-management and competency management in business. Issues of recruitment and self-presentation during interviews are also discussed. One day of training is dedicated to women and the other to men. All workshops are to educate and develop students in the image, business and entrepreneurial industries, as well as give them valuable tips and help them prepare themselves well for organizational issues in their future work.

Ale draka! Pomoc dla futrzaka (Help the furry ones) is a campaign by the Progress Student Public Relations Organization, whose aim is to collect as much food, blankets, leashes and any necessary items as possible for animals of one of the neediest shelters in Silesia - the Animal Shelter in Gliwice. The campaign takes place in the winter semester, when the animals need support the most.

Wkręć się w pomaganie (Get involved in helping) is a campaign of selfless help for the disabled. It involves collecting plastic caps; the revenue from their sale is allocated for treatment, rehabilitation or specialist equipment for a needy person. There are several boxes with the “Wkręć się w pomaganie" campaign logo around the University. The boxes are located in buildings A, D, F at the cloakroom and on the ground floor of buildings E and L. Each student and employee of the University can throw a plastic cap into the box. After collecting the appropriate number of caps, they are given to the Foundation of Polish Knights of Malta – the organizer and coordinator of the campaign. The Catholic Academic Association "Gaudeamus" carries out this campaign in UEKat.

World Entrepreneurship Week – the aim of the event is to inspire young people and familiarize them with the concept of entrepreneurship as a valuable life attitude and a positive direction of thinking. The project is addressed to students of UEKat and other universities. It is organized by the Student Parliament with the support of sponsors and lecturers.

Session counselling – additional duties of the Ombudsman for Students in the Student Parliament office during examination sessions. The purpose is to help students. As part of the session counselling, the Ombudsman for Students answers students’ questions and dispels their doubts, including those regarding the study regulations. The organizer is the Student Parliament at the University of Economics in Katowice.

Erasmus in Schools is a campaign organized by members of the ESN section of the University of Economics in Katowice as part of the SocialErasmus project, and is addressed to those who study at our university under student exchanges. As part of this event, visits are held to schools/junior high schools/high schools, during which students present their countries. Erasmus in Schools aims to promote foreign travels, but also to integrate foreign students with the local community. More details can be found on the Polish website for the project.

Tandem is an integration event organized by members of the ESN section of the University of Economics in Katowice for all international exchange students, as well as students from our city. The main objective of this project is communication, linguistic and cultural exchange as well as change of the stereotypical thinking about foreign students. Each Tandem has a specific theme, for example related to a holiday taking place at a given time (Halloween, St. Andrew's Day, Christmas etc.). Tandem is also an opportunity to find new friends, sometimes for life.

"Show me your culture” project is addressed to all orphanages, cultural centres and community day care centres in Silesia. In the project, foreign volunteers can conduct cultural, educational and entertainment classes and engage in the daily activities of the given institution. Through the work of volunteers, the wards are given the opportunity to interact with people from other cultures and to broaden their perspectives. The project is carried out by AIESEC Katowice. Pilot program: 2016/2017.

World Talks is a project addressed to junior high and high school students, in which foreign volunteers use interactive workshops to introduce pupils to different aspects of their culture, build openness to interacting with other nationalities, overcome stereotypes and bring up important issues related to global problems. Cyclic project. The project is carried out by AIESEC Katowice.

International Kindergarten is a project in which foreign volunteers use interactive activities and games to develop sensitivity among children in kindergartens by showing the right patterns of behaviour towards people who look different or come from other cultures. Creativity and curiosity of foreign languages and the ability to absorb them from an early age are also developed through the project.

GLOBAL VOLUNTEER is an international volunteering program organized by the AIESEC organisation. It is addressed to young people who want to gain professional experience by working in a multicultural environment. The participants can go for environmental, educational, marketing, women's rights, health or animal rights projects for 6-18 weeks (but usually 6-8 weeks).

GLOBAL TALENT is an international internship program addressed to young people who want to gain professional experience by working in a multicultural environment. The participants can leave for 3-18 months, usually 3-6 months. Internship areas: Education, Marketing, IT and Business Administration.

Dni Kariery® (Career Days) is one of the largest job, apprenticeship and internship fairs organized by students for students. Knowing best the needs of young people entering the labour market, during the fair the students help their peers build a direct relationship with employers. The project is a natural platform connecting the business and academic worlds. The event is organized by students, which is proof of entrepreneurship and social responsibility of the young generation. The project is carried out regularly by AIESEC Katowice.

AIESEC University – are an innovative language workshops designed for young people who are looking for the most attractive ways to education, guided by the desire for development. This resulted in the idea of Learn By Play workshops, conducted by lecturers from various corners of the world, to teach through play and entertainment. The workshops do not focus on rules and inflections, but on an actual spoken language exercised for 8 weeks of learning. The workshops are conducted in English, which additionally creates a favourable learning environment for the participants. At the same time, Learn by Play, the idea of workshops, allows participants and lecturers to enjoy learning through entertainment.

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