Vilnius Gediminas Technical University i Business Management Faculty serdecznie zapraszają do wygłoszenia wykładów w ramach programu Erasmus+ Teaching.

We would like to invite professors, doctors, lecturers from our more than 140 international Erasmus+ partners to give lectures for our students and share their professional insights on Economics, Finance or Business Management issues in nowadays world.

We really appreciate your expertise and we would be delighted to have you in Lithuania to:

  • Give guest lectures to our undergraduate and postgraduate students on some of our core modules (the list is attached);
  • Discuss research and other opportunities with our staff;
  • Be involved in specialized workshops with our PhD students;
  • Meet and network with other VGTU colleagues and academics from  other faculties.

If you have any suggestions for the specific topics or themes you would like to include and share with our students, you are very welcome!

If you decide to choose the Faculty of Business Management for your teaching experience, please write us directly to email (with your preferences of teaching areas and CV). This information will help us to assign you to the right Department or Professor for your successful visit experience (please find  file with suggested disciplines attached).

  • More information about the Faculty is available at the following link:
  • Please share our contacts among colleagues to set-up further cooperation on specific research areas:
  • More information about the upcoming conference “Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Economics Engineering 2019”:
  • We are very interested in join publications. Information about the journals:

Visit proposal