We are happy to announce that Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University is co-organizing with the University of Ghent a Staff training Week in the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project REALISE, coordinated by our university. This event,... [Więcej]
We would like to invite professors, doctors, lecturers from our more than 140 international Erasmus+ partners to give lectures for our students and share their professional insights on Economics, Finance or Business Management issues in nowadays... [Więcej]
We are especially interested to invite colleagues from FINNISH HEIs as we meet with similar intercultural problems during organization of study process and participation in Erasmus+ projects. [Więcej]
Biuro Transferu Technologii Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego im. Jerzego Kukuczki w Katowicach oraz Regionalny Punkt Kontaktowy Programów Badawczych UE przy Politechnice Śląskiej zapraszają na spotkanie pt. "DLACZEGO WARTO UCZESTNICZYĆ W PROGRAMACH... [Więcej]
This year we'll organize a training „Internationalization at home“ for our colleagues from International Relations Offices and we'll have the pleasure to host Mrs Justyna Giezynska a higher education internationalisation expert, president of Luminar... [Więcej]
Please find below our Staff Training offer for the next spring. [Więcej]
Keywords in developing education today are cooperation, sharing and crossing borders. These characteristics are visible in different levels and forms: individual study modules, various kinds of exchanges, curriculum developments – just to mention... [Więcej]
The focus of the staff week is on Women in Higher Education and STEM Fields. In addition to that there is a special stream for librarians. The programme is jointly organized by four higher education institutions of the Land Bremen. [Więcej]
This years programme is intended only for representatives of International Offices and it will be comprised of presentations, debates, discussions, as well as social events. [Więcej]
With you, we will explore the secrets of innovative cooperation and take a look at Finnish customs. The objective of the week is to share hidden gems and number one practices more profoundly in international and research and development activities.... [Więcej]