Zaproszenie do udziału w kursie dotyczącym programów w ramach Europejskiej Współpracy Terytorialnej (polityki spójności UE)

Interact widząc potrzebę dotarcia z informacją o ofercie
programów Interreg (Europejskiej Współpracy Terytorialnej polityki spójności UE) do studentów utworzył platformę szkoleniową MOOC. Kurs startuje 7 marca i potrwa
do 24 kwietnia br. Nie ma charakteru spotkań na żywo.

Planujący udział w kursie powinni się zarejestrować [1]

Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału, szczegóły dotyczące kursu znajdziecie Państwo poniżej.



The MOOC is a full course composed by several modules/parts/chapters.


Being a full course, a MOOC should not be seen as a training session

where one expects to participate for only a couple of hours. It will

be a sequence of different elements lasting for 6 weeks. During that

period participants will be progressively given access to the

different elements of content, recommended readings and some tasks

(e.g. quizzes). The different components are to be released

progressively, the same way as in a university course the different

topics are also presented progressively. The registration at this

moment will allow to receive those materials and to participate in the

different elements of the course. Due to the need to integrate several

elements a MOOC is generally provided through a platform in order to

more easily manage the different elements of the content, as well as

the involvement of the different participants.


So, for the moment, participants only need to register and wait. The

course will start next 7th of March. On that day the first batch of

content would be released. Like if it was the first class of course in

a university. The course will last until 24 of April.


It is designed assuming that participants want to follow the entire

course, including all the different modules/parts/chapters. Therefore

there's no need to select what parts one registers to. Once you're

registered you're registered to the whole session. Nevertheless any

participant has always the option to follow some parts and not others.


The course is composed by four different chapters. A more detailed

explanation of those is provided in the following page.


As one of the "O" in MOOC stands for Open, different participants may

follow it in different ways. Some will do all there is for one week in

a single go, others may opt to divide it for a few different days. By

default it is asynchronous, so there are no pre-fixed attendance

timings.  Therefore it is not possible to state how many times a week

one would have to participate.


 Answering directly to your questions:


1 - Is it enough just to register via the link mentioned above to make

reservation or additional steps are required?


Yes, that is enough. Registered participants will receive more

information at a later stage


2 - How will the course agenda and schedule look like?


Four chapters as described in the above link. Details will be released



3 - How many classes per day and in what form?


Depends a bit on how different participants will approach the tasks.

One indicative idea is about 3 hours per week


4 - Will it be necessary to take part live?


Sessions will be asynchronous. No fixed timings to attend. No "lives"


5 - Do you plan to share training materials via Interreg MOOC



All necessary materials will be shared via the platform. That will

also serve as the meeting place to promote discussion amongst the



6 - the materials be available on the site for a longer time so that

to use them at any time?


For the time being materials will be available for the duration of the

course. But we follow an open access policy, implying that a later

stage materials should be made available elsewhere. Details on how

will that take place are not yet available though