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Supply Chain Day, April 27-th, 2017
The study visit and lean workshop in Nexteer Automotive Poland, Tychy

On 27th April 2017, to celebrate the international Supply Chain Day, University of Economics in Katowice in cooperation with Nexteer Automotive Poland organizes a study visit for students to second mentioned entity’s manufacturing facility. The invitation for students has been sent to Deans of two faculties: Faculty of Management and Faculty of Economics by Ms Anna Ossowska Msc. Econ., who is a Director of Supply Chain in Nexteer company as well as a member of the Logistics Program Board at the Faculty of Management. On behalf of the University the main organizer of the Supply Chain Day is the Department of Business Logistics. The event is coordinated by: Piotr Hanus, Ph.D. and Krzysztof Niestrój, Ph.D.

The invitation for the event is addressed to the students of the University, especially for those who study: Logistics, International Economic Relations and Economic Analysis. Moreover, the students are going to be accompanied a group of pupils from Józef Tischner High School in Żory with which the University has built till now a long-term relationship.

The Supply Chain Day is organized at University of Economics in Katowice for the third time. Our University was the first institution in Poland, which joined this initiative.

The European website of the event can be found here.


The detailed information related to movement and behaviour rules will be presented during OHS training in the facility. However, we would like to kindly ask You to become acquainted with the information stated below.

Recommendations related to clothes:
- Sportswear is preferred and no loosely tailored and fluttering clothes or clothing elements are allowed (no matter if male or female). Ladies are also not allowed to wear long skirts, fluttering scarfs etc.
- Long hair need to be fasted together and they cannot fly about in the wind.
- It is also recommended to wear comfortable, sport shoes with flat soles; the Ladies are strictly forbidden to wear stilettoes.

In the facility location it is allowed to follow only the assigned ways or the guide. The discipline has to be maintained and guide’s instructions need to be followed. 


- The place and term of meeting before the visit: car parking at CNTI building, Bogucicka 5, 08.20 a.m.

- The departure time: 08.30 a.m.

- OHS training at the facility in Tychy.

- Visiting the facility – about 1.5 hrs.

- Lean workshop – about 1.5 hrs.

- Discussion, Q&As – about 20-30 minutes.

- Departure from Tychy – about 01.00 p.m.

- Arrival to Katowice – about 01.45-02.00 p.m. at car parking at CNTI building, Bogucicka 5.


Because of organizational constraints only 50 students can participate in the study visit. The number of visitors was agreed with the hosting company. Submission is possible from 20th March till 11th April 2017. This period can be extended in special circumstances – in such case the related information will be announced on the website in separate communicates. Participation in the study visit is possible only for those persons who will register (the order of submissions will be the qualifying criterion).


The submission means the will to participate the visit. Submission confirmation can take up to two days from the moment of registration and it will be provided via an e-mail. Before sending any questions related to the visit via e-mail we kindly suggest You to become acquainted with any information published on tis site as well as in the headline of the registration form.  

If the already registered person decides to resign from the study visit for important reasons, she or he is obligated to send the relevant information via an e-mail. It will enable to inform the persons on the waiting list that they can participate in the visit. Any person ‘replenishing’ the visiting team will be chosen according to the order of the registration.  

It is not permitted to resign from the visit after the submission without stating reasonable cause/explanation. The information about the participants will be provided to the relevant Dean’s Offices in order to excuse their absence on the classes or lectures.

In case of any questions please use the following e-mail address:



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