Economics and Business Communication Challenges. International Week



Autor                    Wojciech Dyduch,
                             Małgorzata Pańkowska (red.)

ISBN                      978-83-7875-220-2

Liczba stron          270

Format                  170 x 240 mm

Oprawa                 miękka

Rok wydania         2014

Cena                     nakład wyczerpany

Dostępna wersja elektroniczna




This book will aim to provide relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings in the area of business communication and management. It will be written by and for professionals who want to improve the general understanding of the strategic role of communication and management values in the distributed business environment and the necessity to protect and properly utilize the communication media at different levels of organizations well as in society. The general mission of this book is as follows: Assuming that business organizations as well as individuals are entirely linked together in Internet, a new approach to business communication and management must be developed that cover the estimation of synergy effects, the compatibility and interoperability problems, business and social value creation, and the overload reduction and information protection.


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