Services in Europe – diagnosis and development perspectives



Autor                     Magdalena Jaciow,
                             Beata Kolny,
                             Grzegorz Maciejewski,
                             Barbara Mikołajczyk,
                             Robert Wolny

ISBN                      978-83-7875-254-7

Liczba stron          128

Format                  170 x 240 mm

Oprawa                 miękka

Rok wydania         2015

Cena                     nakład wyczerpany

Dostępna wersja elektroniczna





The objective of this monograph is the description of the state of service market in selected European countries, the diagnosis of determinants of service market, as well as defining the directions of service market in Europe in 2020 perspective. The content of the monograph is divided into three chapters. Services as research subject, source approaches of studying services as well as the methodology of conducted research in Europe were characterized in the first chapter, which is of a theoretical-empirical nature. The second chapter demonstrates the results of the desk research. Information on the demographic-economic features of European societies was included in it, as well as service sector in European countries was characterized. The functioning of the service enterprises in Europe was also presented. The results of field research were presented in chapter three.



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