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New Media in Higher Education Market

The general mission of this book is to help academicians and administration staff from higher education institutions to create new approach to use new technologies and media in teaching processes as well for internal and external communication. It should be underline that modern teaching and communication in higher education institutions must be developed that covers the estimation of synergy effects, the compatibility and interoperability problems, and business and social as well ethical values creation. The entire publication is divided into seven parts and contains selected papers presented at the conference. First part provides inside to changes in environment of higher education institutions. Second one presents selected aspects of innovations in both teaching as well administration processes at universities. Part three is focus on different new media which can be applied to higher education institutions. In part four there are papers which describe new tools and technologies for higher education institutions. Next part presents cases of using social media by different universities. Part six focus on problem of attitudes of students and teachers toward new media application in educational process. Part seven, which conclude this book, discusses range of papers dedicated to relations between universities and labour market in aspect of new media usage.

Edited bySławomir Smyczek, Justyna Matysiewicz
Rok wydania2015
Liczba stron418
Format B5
Wersja elektroniczna
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