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Social exclusions in Europe. Marketing perspective

The aim of the book is present a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of social exclusion in Europe. This phenomenon is analyzed with respect to its sources, level and structure and touch different types of exclusions, including: homeless, immigrant, handicapped, digital, sexual and financial exclusions. Very important aim is connected with possibilities of preventing social exclusion on level of European Union, European governments, different types of non-profit organization as well individual consumer. The entire publication is divided into four parts. First part provides inside to problem of social exclusion of consumers in European countries. Second one presents selected aspects and areas of activity of European institutions and governments in process of preventing social exclusions as well supporting excluded consumers from the market. Part three is focus on non-governmental organizations and their activities in social exclusions area. Part four, which conclude this book, discusses wide range of problems how consumers can prevent social exclusion.

EditorsSławomir Smyczek, Justyna Matysiewicz
Rok wydania2015
Liczba stron277
Format B5
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