Public Risk Management. Tome 1. Perspective of Theory and Practice



Autor                     Piotr Tworek, Józef Myrczek (red.)

ISBN                      978-83-7875-330-8

Liczba stron          258

Format                  170 x 240 mm

Oprawa                 miękka

Rok wydania         2016

Cena                     Nakład wyczerpany

Dostępna wersja elektroniczna





This scientific monograph is closely linked to the studies conducted by the Department of Public Management and Social Sciences at the Faculty of Economics, the University of Economics in Katowice. It also reflects the key research areas of interest for the Editors of the publication, as well as the institutions they represent, i.e. the University of Economics in Katowice and the University of Bielsko-Biala. Risk, as a cross-disciplinary category, becomes the subject of analysis for a variety of sciences, including business and technical ones. At the same time it constitutes both a conceptual category and a practical issue, which appears at the borderline between a number of scientific disciplines, such as finance, economics and management. Consequently, risk can be managed using an appropriate array of methods, which vary depending on the area in which the given risk may be experienced. No matter which risks are to be reviewed and evaluated, however, and what definition of risk is adopted, risk remains a demanding but highly quantifiable category. Scientists who explore this phenomenon all over the world have to be prepared to deal with many challenges and we, in our monograph, have attempted to focus on the ones which may be faced when examining risk in the public sector.


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