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Accounting challenges in business processes (monografia)

The study is divided into three chapters corresponding to the identified problem areas. The first chapter is devoted to selected issues of the broadly understood valuation in accounting. The second chapter discusses the problems of reporting financial and non-financial data by economic entities and capital groups. The focus is on reporting aspects such as scope, degree of detail, and methods. The third chapter is devoted to selected problems related to the functioning of the accounting system in specific entities, including non-commercial ones. This publication is addressed to a wide range of people involved in the process of generating financial and non-financial information, as well as people who directly or indirectly use such information, both on theoretical and practical basis.

Autor Marzena Strojek-Filus, Aleksandra Sulik-Górecka (eds.)
ISBN 978-83-7875-542-5
Liczba stron 143
Format 170 x 240 mm
Oprawa miękka
Rok wydania 2019
Cena Nakład wyczerpany

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