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Economics of sustainability (monografia, e-book)

The book is co-authored by researchers participating in the project “Economics of Sustainability” financed by Erasmus+ Action-2 Strategic Partnerships. Its Authors are members of the academia from six European countries, which provides for multi-perspective, international outlook. The Authors took a multidisciplinary, multinational and cross-cultural approach to the issues of sustainability bearing in mind that despite its global character there are specific local aspects that are core or particularly relevant in different parts of the world and Europe.
The chapters cover introductory issues, the study of challenges for sustainable economy, and solutions towards sustainable economy. Each chapter addresses economic, environmental and societal aspects of sustainability. The main focus is on identifying areas where sustainability issues are critical followed by discussion of measures already considered and to be taken in the future. The Authors included a list of learning objectives at the beginning of each part and conclude it by a number of discussion questions to be used in class to stimulate thoughts and creativity in looking for solutions to the most acute global problems.
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Edited by Ewa Wójcik, Tomasz Zieliński
e-ISBN 978-83-7875-790-0
Data i miejsce publikacji Katowice, 30.05.2022
Liczba stron 551
Format PDF
Otwarty dostęp na licencji CC BY 4.0



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