Advanced issues in corporate finance




Autor                     Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala (red.)

ISBN                      978-83-7875-062-8

Liczba stron          255

Format                  170 x 240 mm

Oprawa                 miękka

Rok wydania         2013

Cena                     1 zł




The book consists of synthetic introduction and six parts. Each part aims at exploring one specific area of corporate-finance related issues. The first part examines the problem of the idea and tools of financial analysis useful in managing corporate finance. The second part of the book extends the knowledge within sourcing corporate funds. The third touches the issues that are currently growing in importance. The fourth part provides an original concept of implementing financial innovations that appeared recently from the perspective of basic functions of corporate finance. The fifth part of the book aims at examining the impact of globalisation on corporate finance issues. The sixth part includes the fragmented problems that are valid in advanced financial management strategies.


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