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Where will you get? University of Economics in Katowice

Where will I get? Surely a similar question has popped up in your mind before. The possibilities are endless, so which option should you pick? Bet on a winner and choose a program that combines practical knowledge with the development of your linguistic skills. Finance, E-commerce, or International Business? We have it all - and in English! Watch our short film featuring students and graduates of UE Katowice and see what your path (to success) may look like.

From March 1, 2023, foreign applicants can apply for admissions to English-language programs online in our Dream Apply system.

Check the list of studies entirely conducted in English:

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Master's Degree Programmes

During your studies, not only will you gain knowledge and skills from a selected field but also advance your English skills, thus supporting your competitive position in the work market. Watch our short film and see what your path (to success) may look like!

EFMD Accredited

We are pleased to announce that our Master's degree program in International Business has received the prestigious EFMD Accredited accreditation.

More information about EFMD Accredited.

Where will you get? 

The film is made to resemble a TikTok video, i.e. with high image dynamics, quick shots and a multitude of colors, and as a result, we do not recommend watching for people with neurological disorders (images may flash more than three times per second).

The film presents stories of 4 people from the moment of their arrival in Katowice up to their successful professional careers. Of course, the vital of this journey is the time spent at the University of Economics in Katowice and completing an English-language program.

The theme of the film is "How did you get here?". This very question is posed to each character before their story is shown. The film ends with a question "And you? Where will you get?", which is addressed to the candidates and potential future students.

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