Choice of thesis supervisor

Supervisor Seminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
corporate financial strategy; financial analysis; financing decisons; financial management; risk management and risk reporting; dividend policy; corporate governance and investor relations;financial markets and financial instruments; financial innovation

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Crowdfunding as a source of finance for SMEs;
2. Financial liquidity assessment and management;
3. Currency risk management in a company;
4. Dividend policy and its impact on corporate value;
5. CSR activities and reporting in a company;
6. Application of fundamental analysis in the stock market;
7. Investment strategy of hedge funds

dr hab. Andrzej Piosik, prof. UE
Department of Accounting

Seminar related topics:
1. Cost accounting systems, Methods and instruments of management accounting; Financial analysis; Financial reporting; Earnings management Cost accounting systems - identifying product costs, cost allocation, variable costing, activity-based costing, life-cycle costing, target costing;
2. Methods and instruments of management accounting (variable and fixed costs,standard costing, CVP analysis, budgeting, budgetary control, measuring and managing performance, capital budgeting, decision trees);
3. Financial Analysis;
4. Financial reporting (according to Polish standards and IFRS, valuation of assets and liabilities, consolidated financial statements, intangible assets, revenue recognition, financial liabilities, financial assets, deferred income tax, statement of comprehensive income, cash-flow statement, non-current tangible assets, provisions);
5. Accounting policy, accounting and real earnings management - determinants and instruments of earnings management, income smoothing.

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Mergers and acquisitions in CEE area;
2. Liquidity and profitability relationship analysis – case of WSE automotive industry

dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
COVID-19 impacts in economic and financial dimensions; Corporate finance: (capital structure, sources of funds, liquidity & cash management, bankruptcy threat, operating risk, financial risk); Risk management (risk reporting, ERM, risk analysis, methods of risk management, insurance); Corporate governance corporate financial strategy; financial analysis; financing decisons; financial management; risk management and risk reporting; dividend policy; corporate governance

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. COVID-19: impact on SMEs performance;
2. Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management in Poland;
3. Environmental risk reporting in Poland;
4. Lessons learned from Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion – a risk management approach;
5. Crowdfunding as a source of financing innovative ventures;
6. Money laundering in Poland;
7. The architecture and implementation of Solvency II Regime;
8. Risk reporting in banking sector.

dr hab. Wojciech Dyduch
Department of Entrepreneurship 

Seminar related topics:
1. Strategic management, strategic analysis, strategy formulation and implementation
2. Corporate entrepreneurship, measuring entrepreneurship, innovativeness.
3. Creativity in organizations, creative strategies.
4. Firm performance, effectiveness-related topics.
5. Intangible assets measurement; social, organizational, intellectual capital.
6. Value creation and value capture.
7. Survival factors in companies under COVID-19 crisis.     

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Modern forms of organizing in relation to the development of world-class e-commerce. The analysis of the WeChat application in China (Dissertation awarded 1st place in the IB dissertation contest).
2. The influence of strategy based on organizational creativity on value creation.
3. Measuring the level of entrepreneurship in start-ups.
4. Implementing the international strategy in the export company.
5. Value creation and value capture on international markets: The example of innovative companies networking in the consumer electronics sector.
6. Opportunity identification on international markets.
7. Stimulating creativity and firm performance: The case of white goods producer.
8. The level of entrepreneurial management in the company.
9. Talent management by stimulating creativity in organizations.
10. Reputation management in international family companies. 

dr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE
Department of Banking and Financial Markets

Seminar related topics:
1. Polish banking sector
2. European banking sector
3. Financial institutions’ management
4. Credit institutions’ management
5. Competitiveness on banking market
6. Competitive strategies on banking market
7. Banks’ marketing
8. Banking products and services
9. Financial institutions’ marketing
10. Banks and financial institutions’ business models
11. Consumer financial decisions and behavior
12. New technology implementation on banking market
13. Payment innovations
14. Retail payment market development 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The role of banks in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland
2. Mortgage loans as a source of a real estate purchase
3. The importance of payment innovations (technology) for the development of cashless transactions
4. The deposit guarantee system in Poland and the EU
5. Money laundering
6. Importance of bank reputation for a market value
7. Banks' marketing strategies
8. Promotion of banking services as an element of the bank's market strategy
9. Credit risk management in commercial banks
10. Preferences of banking users in Poland

dr hab. Iwona Pawlas, prof. UE
Department of International Economic Relations   
Seminar related topics:
Implementation of selected EU policies
International trade relations
FDI in the world economy
Internationalization of companies     

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Poland (country X) as a beneficiary of EU policy of Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion
2. Cohesion Fund as an instrument stimulating transport infrastructure development in Poland (in country X)
3. Cohesion Fund as an instrument stimulating environmental protection in Poland (in country X)
4. Trade relations between Poland and the EU (between country X and Y)
5. The importance of the inflow of foreign capital in the form of direct investment for the development of automotive industry (Y industry) in Poland (in country X)
6. Internationalization of Polish enterprises of food industry (automotive industry / metallurgical industry)