Choice of thesis supervisor

Supervisor Seminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
corporate financial strategy; financial analysis; financing decisons; financial management; risk management and risk reporting; dividend policy; financial markets and financial instruments; financial innovation

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Crowdfunding as a source of finance for SMEs;
2. Assessment of financial condition of a company;
3. Financial liquidity assessment and management;
4. Currency risk management in a company;

dr Anna Doś
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
1. Operational risk management in financial institutions
2. Corporate social responsibility
3. Corporate finance 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Networking as a factor of creating financial knowledge in local SME sector 
2. Forensic audit in detecting financial fraud in public sector of masurement
3. Assymetry of information in the context of raising capital by corporations - methods of masurement 

dr Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój
Department of Banking and Financial Markets 

Seminar related topics:
International financial system - financial institutions and markets - contemporary problems and future challenges. Offshore financial centres. Money laundering. Collaborative finance. Alternative financial services. FinTechs. Financial crises - causes, effects and ways of prevention. Capital flows. Financial problems of the Eurozone. Selected problems of corporate finance. (i. a. exchange rate risk, financial analysis). Other problems – are also possible!  

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The economic crisis in Venezuela – analysis of situation in the years 1999-2019.
2. Brexit – analysis of the effects of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union.
3. Islamic banking and its institutions – the case of Saudi Arabia.
4. World gold market during the COVID-19 pandemic.
5. Assessment of the financial situation of Facebook Inc. in the years 2015-2019.
6. Crowdfunding as a method of financing start-ups.
7. Tax havens and their benefits to companies.  

dr Anna Kuzior
Department of Accounting

Seminar related topics:
Polish and international financial reporting standards, financial accounting (recognition, journalizing of business transactions and measurement of PPE, inventories, financial assets, equity), analysis of financial statements, accounting policies tools, small and medium - sized entities and their tax and accounting books, cost accounting

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Assessment of financial position of the company based on financial statements;
2. Depreciation of fixed assets in a concept of accounting and taxation on the example of manufacturing and trading company X;
3. Tangible assets – measurement, presentation and disclosures based on selected financial statements of listed companies;
4. Variable costing and its application in the production company X;
5. The activity of an accounting office based on example of commercial law company