Choice of thesis supervisor

Supervisor Seminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
corporate financial strategy; financial analysis; financing decisons; financial management; risk management and risk reporting; dividend policy; financial markets and financial instruments; financial innovation

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Crowdfunding as a source of finance for SMEs;
2. Assessment of financial condition of a company;
3. Financial liquidity assessment and management;
4. Currency risk management in a company;

dr hab. Bożena Frączek, prof. UE
Department of Banking and Financial Markets

Seminar related topics:
Financial Education; Financial Inclusion; Financial Markets; Risk Management; Personl Finance Management

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Enhancing the level of financial literacy as the important objective of financial education;
2. Enhancing the level of financial inclusion as the important objective of financial education;
3. Currency risk management in international business;
4. Investment in gold as an example of alternative investment;
5. Usage of (chosen) traditional and modern financial instrument (e.g. in households, in business);
6. Art as an Alternative Investment Asset;
7. Abuse and Fraud in Financial Markets;
8. Savings of Polish households;
9. Managing household finance (e.g. an assessment of fnancial knowledge and behaviour);
10. Elements of financial mathematics in pactice

dr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE
Department of Banking and Financial Markets

Seminar related topics:
1. Polish banking sector
2. European banking sector
3. Financial institutions’ management
4. Credit institutions’ management
5. Competitiveness on banking market
6. Competitive strategies on banking market
7. Banks’ marketing
8. Banking products and services
9. Financial institutions’ marketing
10. Banks and financial institutions’ business models
11. Consumer financial decisions and behavior
12. New technology implementation on banking market
13. Payment innovations
14. Retail payment market development

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The role of banks in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland
2. Mortgage loans as a source of a real estate purchase
3. The importance of payment innovations (technology) for the development of cashless transactions
4. The deposit guarantee system in Poland and the EU
5. Money laundering
6. Importance of bank reputation for a market value
7. Banks' marketing strategies
8. Promotion of banking services as an element of the bank's market strategy
9. Credit risk management in commercial banks
10. Preferences of banking users in Poland

dr Rafał Buła
Department of Investment

Seminar related topics:
1. Investment strategies building and evaluation.
2. Efficiency of capital markets.
3. Financial modelling using MS Excel and VBA.
4. Assessment of investment projects efficiency.
5. Valuation of enterprises.

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Comparison of the investment portfolios of WIG-Ukraine companies effectiveness before and after the conflict in Ukraine in 2014
2. Risk assessment of enterprise's investment project using Monte Carlo simulation method
3. Assessment of the creditworthiness of enterprises on selected examples
4. Efficiency of portfolios of financial sector companies constructed using portfolio and cluster analysis
5. Assessment of the impact of macroeconomic variables on stock market indices in the Visegrad Group countries using panel analysis

dr Anna Kuzior
Department of Accounting

Seminar related topics:
Polish and international financial reporting standards, financial accounting (recognition, journalizing of business transactions and measurement of PPE, inventories, financial assets, equity), analysis of financial statements, accounting policies tools, small and medium - sized entities and their tax and accounting books, cost accounting

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Assessment of financial position of the company based on financial statements;
2. Depreciation of fixed assets in a concept of accounting and taxation on the example of manufacturing and trading company X;
3. Tangible assets – measurement, presentation and disclosures based on selected financial statements of listed companies;
4. Variable costing and its application in the production company X;
5. The activity of an accounting office based on example of commercial law company

dr Jolanta Gałuszka
Department of Public Finance

Seminar related topics:
Taxation of enterprises and natural persons according to Polish tax law and international legislation. Taxes versus sources of enterprise financing. Tax optimization instruments. Tax advisory in the light of national and international regulations. International Tax Competition. Entrepreneurs' tax settlements. Tax havens. Tax fraud and abuse. Tax and fiscal audit. Tax risk management by enterprises and by the tax administration. Tax proceedings - rights and obligations of parties to tax proceedings.

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Negative attitudes of taxpayers towards taxation
2. The impact of structural funds on the development of the voivodeship
3. The economic and social dimension of financial crises in a globalized economy
4. Tax optimization in the field of transfer pricing
5. The nature of taxation of income from non-agricultural economic activity of natural persons
6. Tax revolt as a form of expression of economic psychology of tax behavior in historical and contemporary terms
7. International organizational and legal forms in building a corporate tax strategy
8. The essence of VAT carousel

dr inż. Anna Sroczyńska-Baron
Department of Applied Mathematics

Seminar related topics:
statistical analysis of chosen financial or economic problem; technical analysis; alternative investing methods

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Propensity to risk depending on gender and age;
2. Young people's assessment of the future of Polish pension system;
3. The analysis of modern electronic banking;
4. The application of selested methods of technical analysis on financial markets;
5. Exemption of VAT;
6. Tax havens - a legal way to avoid taxation or fraud?