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Bachelor's Degree

Supervisor Seminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
dr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE
Department of Banking and Financial Markets    

Seminar related topics:
Contemporary banking; Commercial banks’ innovativeness; New technologies in banking; Banking innovations – implementation, adoption, acceptance; Banks’ business models; Commercial banks’ market strategies; Competitiveness on banking markets; Banking sector in Poland and Europe; Market activity of nonbank entities (e.g. FinTechy, BigTech, PayTech)

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Banks’ business models
2. The bank’s reputation and its impact on market performance
3. Banks’ marketing strategies
4. Crowdfunding as SMEs alternative source of funding
5. The importance of innovative payments for retail payment market development
6. Customers’ preferences in e-banking
7. New technology adoption in payment transactions
8. Innovations as a determinant of customers’ financial decisions
9. Digitalisation in banking  

dr Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój
Department of Banking and Financial Markets   

Seminar related topics: 
• Global finance and global economy – contemporary problems and challenges.
• Functioning of the international financial system - financial institutions and financial markets – different aspects.
• Drivers of change in global financial system – technology, regulations, demography, politics, globalisation/deglobalisations, financialisation, capital flows.
• Financial crises and financial stability.
• International corporate finance. Currency risk – hedging – instruments. Financial analysis of a company.
• Multinational corporations and global financial system – relations, problems.
• Money laundering. Financial crime.
• Other problems/topics – are also possible.

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. World gold market during the Covid-19 pandemic.
2. The economic crisis in Venezuela – analysis of situation from 1999 to the present times.
3. Brexit – analysis of the effects of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union.
4. Assessment of the financial situation of Starbucks Coffee Company in the years 2017-2019.
5. Financial analysis of Netflix, Inc.
6. Islamic banking and its institutions – the case of Saudi Arabia.
7. Modern distribution channels of banking services – mobile banking in the offer of selected banks.
8. Tax havens and their use by multinational companies – the case of Nike and Apple.
9. Franchising as a mode of doing business – the case of Żabka chain stores.
10. Motives and effects of mergers and acquisitions. The case of Reebok acquisition by Adidas. 

dr Aleksandra Nocoń
Department of Banking and Financial Markets   

Seminar related topics:
• Central banking and monetary policy
• Commercial banking, investment banking, deposit and lending activities of banks
• Banking sector and its evolution
• Financial analysis of banks’ condition
• Sustainable finance, green finance, sustainable development in financial system; climate policy and climate risk, ESG concept and ESG risk, responsible bank lending policy, financing of the energy transformation in Poland
• Financial safety net, Financial supervision, deposit guarantee schemes
• Stability and instability of the financial system and banking sector, financial crises, banking crises
• Regulations in a banking sector
• Organization and functioning of financial institutions; Financial institutions management
• Financial analysis of the selected companies
• Selected issues in the field of financial markets
• FinTechs and BigTechs
• Alternative Investments
• Innovations in finance
• Crowdfunding
• Payment instruments, electronic banking, Internet banking, Mobile banking, payment cards and other innovations;  

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Deposit and lending activity of commercial banks in selected countries
2. Investment banking – evolution after the global financial crisis/in the era of the coronavirus pandemic/geocrisis 2022+
3. Standard and non-standard monetary policy instruments of a central bank after the global financial crisis/in the era of the coronavirus pandemic
4. Monetary policy instruments of the selected central bank (such as: ECB, FED, NBP, Bank of England)
5. Financial stability of a banking sector
6. Greening banks' loan portfolio
7. Responsible bank’s lending policy
8. Sustainable projects financed by responsible banks
9. Banks' activities for sustainable development/implementation of climate policy goals
10. Payment instruments – characteristics and assessment
11. Mobile banking as an example of innovative payment instrument
12. Development of mobile payments from the perspective of the BLIK system
13. Payment card market in Poland – comparative analysis
14. Development of electronic banking in Poland or selected countries
15. Online banking as a modern form of banking products and services distribution
16. Cooperative banks in a banking system. Characteristics and assessment versus commercial banks
17. Credit unions in comparison to commercial and cooperative banks
18. Analysis of the bank's financial situation
19. Analysis of the financial condition of the selected company/companies using ratio analysis
20. Creditworthiness assessment based on selected clients
21. Consumer loan/Mortgage loan as a source of households financing
22. Leasing/factoring/bank loan as a form of financing company’s investments
23. Financial innovations by the example of FinTechs/BigTechs

dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
Corporate finance: Capital structure decisions; Dividend policy; Working capital management; Financial analysis; Innovations in corporate financial strategy; Sustainable goals in the corporate financial strategy; sustainable reporting; risk management & risk reporting; investor relations & corporate governance; financial markets & instruments; alternative investments

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Assessment of the financial situation of company x
2. Financial liquidity management on the example of company XXX
3. Income tax optimization
4. Fundamental analysis as a tool of investment decisions in the stock market
5. Performance of alternative investments on the example of cryptocurrencies
6. Risk management and risk reporting on the example of company XXX
7. The role of corporate governance in financial management
8. Innovations in the payment instruments
9. Green bonds as a financing instrument
10. Crowdfunding as a new way of financing

dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE  
Department of Strategic and Regional Studies 

Seminar related topics: 
ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors and policies, ESG reporting & communication, environmental finance, green finance, climate change - economic aspects, climate risk (identification, mitigation, adaptation, reporting)   

Sample topics of dissertation: 
1. ESG reporting in firm X / sector X / country Y
2. Climate risk management in firm X / sector X / country X
3. Green transition in (country X)
4. Sustainable finance in European Union   

dr Anna Karmańska
Department of Business Informatics and International Accounting 

Seminar related topics:
Financial reporting according to Polish and International Accounting Standards, Audit of financial statements and other services of a certified auditor, Tax law in business activity, Accounting for salaries and social security, Computer support for financial accounting, tax and reporting, Business analytics in financial management, IT support for the financial management system and human resources  

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The usefulness of financial information.
2. Management of receivables and liabilities.
3. Profitability of companies based on the analysis of the profit and loss account.
4. Accounting policy and accounting fraud.
5. Tax ledger of income and expenses as a method of settling the company
6. Financial analysis as a tool for assessing the company's financial situation
7. Prediction of bankruptcy based on the financial statements


dr Monika Eisenbardt  
Department of Business Informatics and International Accounting  

Seminar related topics:
E-finance, cryptocurrencies.
Business Intelligence analysis for the financial market.
Benefits and threats for businesses resulting from cooperation with consumers.
Databases - utilization and implementation in the financial sector  

Sample topics of dissertation:
4. Cryptocurrencies – a trend or the currency of the future?    

dr hab. Ewa Maruszewska, prof. UE
Department of Business Informatics and International Accounting  

Seminar related topics: 
financial reporting and analysis, accounting ethics, cost & management accounting, tax issues in accounting  

Sample topics of dissertation: 
1. Critical analysis of accounting policy in the scope of.... (e.g., long-term assets, provisions, incomes & expenses)
2. Application of budgetary control mechanisms in
3. Assessing book-keeping practices of tangibles/intangibles/.... - an example of XXX entity
4. Awareness of confidence among young accountants
5. Determinants of outsourcing bookkeeping among small and medium enterprises
6. Effect of ethics on preparers of financial statements
7. Evaluation of liquidity of entities entering public market. Comparison of before-after going public.
8. Business combinations accounting - present practice and future challenges   

dr Rafał Buła
Department of Investment  

Seminar related topics: 
1. Technical, fundamental and portfolio analysis in making investment decisions.
2. Financial modelling using MS Excel and VBA.
3. Efficiency of financial markets.
4. Construction and effectiveness evaluation of investment strategies.
5. Business valuation.
6. Assessment of the effectiveness of real and financial investments.
7. Investment and financial activities of enterprises.   

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Financial analysis of CD Projekt as a speculative bubble
2. Banking sector during the global financial crisis: risk assessment failures and changing strategies
3. Profitability analysis of diversified stock portfolio based on Price/Earnings ratio
4. Investing in art on the Polish and world market as an example of alternative investments
5. Effectiveness assessment of investment strategies based on technical analysis (example of companies from the WIG.GAMES and WIG-Banki indices)
6. Company valuation using comparative and income methods - example of Dino Polska Capital Group
7. Investigation of the propensity to invest among students of the University of Economics in Katowice
8. The role of a real estate broker
9. The impact of nominal and real interest rates on the rates of return of stock exchange indices and selected commodities  

dr hab. Monika Foltyn-Zarychta, prof. UE
Department of Investment  

Seminar related topics: 
1. Investment activities
 Enterprise, local authority & government investments: growth dynamics and structure of investments – mezzo- and macro- level

2. Capital investments evaluation
Financial methods of appraisal
Social appraisal: Cost-Benefit Analysis and non-market goods valuation

3. Financial investments evaluation
Socially responsible investing – trends and evaluation
Fundamental analysis of financial investments, enterprise valuation
Technical analysis of financial investments

4. Investment risk 
Sources of investment risk and uncertainty
Investment risk evaluation methods and risk management

5. Financing of investments
Management of sources of financing, cost of capital of investment projects
Growth dynamics and structure of sources of capital for investment activities – mezzo- and macro- level   

Sample topics of dissertation: 
1. Investment activity of local authorities in selected years
2. Directions of public investments
3. Investing activities of companies on an example of …
4. Infrastructural investments in Poland
5. Investment project appraisal on an example of …
6. Comparison of selected methods of investments evaluation
7. Cost-Benefit Analysis of …
8. Sources of financing for the investment activity of the enterprise / local authority on an example of …
9. Fundamental analysis of selected companies
10. Valuation of a company on an example of …
11. Technical analysis application for building an investment strategy
12. Socially responsible investing in …  

dr Anna Kuzior
Department of Accounting    

Seminar related topics: 
1. Polish and international financial reporting standards
2. Financial accounting
3. Measurement and recognition of assets and liabilities. Accounting policies choices
4. Analysis of financial statements
5. Small and Medium - sized entities and their tax and accounting books
6. Cost accounting     

Sample topics of dissertation:  
1. Depreciation of fixed assets in a concept of accounting and taxation, on the example of manufacturing and trading company Lena Lighting inc.
2. Tangible assets – measurement, presentation and disclosures based on selected financial statements of listed companies
3. Financial investments based on companies from the fuel sector listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
4. Influence of accounting policy on financial results of a company on the basis of selected companies from the Warsaw Stock Exchange
5. Different lease accounting standards and their impact on financial statements
6. Financial accounting and reporting of agricultural company
7. The activity of an accounting office based on example of commercial law company
8. The border between creative and aggressive accounting in a case of domestic and foreign companies
9. An analysis of the liquidity risk in the aviation industry based on example of ‘Boeing’ and ‘Airbus’
10. Evaluation of financial position of the “Nestlé” company based on financial statements
11. Labour costs in Poland on the example of accounting office LCC
12. Reflecting the environmental issues of the company's performance in the financial reports  

Master's Degree

SupervisorSeminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance

Seminar related topics:
corporate financial strategy; financial analysis; financing decisons; financial management; risk management and risk reporting; dividend policy; corporate governance and investor relations;financial markets and financial instruments; financial innovation

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Crowdfunding as a source of finance for SMEs;
2. Financial liquidity assessment and management;
3. Currency risk management in a company;
4. Dividend policy and its impact on corporate value;
5. CSR activities and reporting in a company;
6. Application of fundamental analysis in the stock market;
7. Investment strategy of hedge funds

dr hab. Andrzej Piosik, prof. UE
Department of Accounting

Seminar related topics:
1. Cost accounting systems, Methods and instruments of management accounting; Financial analysis; Financial reporting; Earnings management Cost accounting systems - identifying product costs, cost allocation, variable costing, activity-based costing, life-cycle costing, target costing;
2. Methods and instruments of management accounting (variable and fixed costs,standard costing, CVP analysis, budgeting, budgetary control, measuring and managing performance, capital budgeting, decision trees);
3. Financial Analysis;
4. Financial reporting (according to Polish standards and IFRS, valuation of assets and liabilities, consolidated financial statements, intangible assets, revenue recognition, financial liabilities, financial assets, deferred income tax, statement of comprehensive income, cash-flow statement, non-current tangible assets, provisions);
5. Accounting policy, accounting and real earnings management - determinants and instruments of earnings management, income smoothing.

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Mergers and acquisitions in CEE area;
2. Liquidity and profitability relationship analysis – case of WSE automotive industry

dr hab. Monika Foltyn-Zarychta, prof. UE
Department of Investment

Seminar related topics:

1. Socially responsible investments, Trends (mezzo- and macro- level) and evaluation issues; portfolios, mutual funds etc.
2. ESG reporting Reporting standards and initiatives, financial and non-financial impacts of ESG activities on corporate performance.
3. Green and climate-change investments Investment trends (mezzo- and macro- level), evaluation methods and issues, social appraisal: Cost-Benefit Analysis and non-market goods valuation issues.
4. Green finance for investments Green finance: sources of financing, green bonds, public support for green transition, EU Green Deal and Just Transition.
5. Financial investments evaluation and corporate valuation Fundamental analysis of financial investments, enterprise valuation including financial analysis, technical analysis, stock exchange market, forex market, mutual funds etc.
6. Capital investments appraisal and financing Trends in corporate and public investments - mezzo- and macro- level, appraisal issues: financial methods of appraisal, risk evaluation; Management of sources of financing, cost of capital of investment projects, growth dynamics and structure of sources of capital for investment activities – mezzo- and macro- level.

Sample topics of dissertation:
• Effectiveness of investing in socially responsible indices
• Impact of economic crises on the effectiveness of investing in selected stock indices
• The European Green Deal - the perspective of business efficiency in the context of climate change
• Assessment of selected financial and non-financial performance aspects on the example of …
• Comparative analysis of Polish and Irish banks in relation to ESG reporting
• Cost-benefit analysis in assessing the profitability of investments in football stadiums
• Valuation of a company: selected cases in the IT industry
• Options in currency risk management
• Analysis of efficiency investment funds based on the Monte Carlo simulation
• Application of selected financial analysis indicators in assessing the financial condition of xxx industry
• Evaluation of working capital management strategy in the context of liquidity and profitability
• The impact of reporting information on investors' decisions in the context of behavioural finance theory
• Assessment of the dividend policy in the state-owned companies
• Cryptocurrencies as an innovative form of money
• Preparation and evaluation of investment projects on the example of …
• Local government investment activities on the example of …
• Evaluation of the financial profitability of investment projects on the example of …
• Residential real estate market in Poland
• Investing in residential real estates as the form of capital investment among individual investors

prof. dr hab. Wojciech Dyduch
Department of Entrepreneurship 

Seminar related topics:
1. Strategic management, strategic analysis, strategy formulation and implementation
2. Corporate entrepreneurship, measuring entrepreneurship, innovativeness.
3. Creativity in organizations, creative strategies.
4. Firm performance, effectiveness-related topics.
5. Intangible assets measurement; social, organizational, intellectual capital.
6. Value creation and value capture.
7. Survival factors in companies under COVID-19 crisis.     

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Modern forms of organizing in relation to the development of world-class e-commerce. The analysis of the WeChat application in China (Dissertation awarded 1st place in the IB dissertation contest).
2. The influence of strategy based on organizational creativity on value creation.
3. Measuring the level of entrepreneurship in start-ups.
4. Implementing the international strategy in the export company.
5. Value creation and value capture on international markets: The example of innovative companies networking in the consumer electronics sector.
6. Opportunity identification on international markets.
7. Stimulating creativity and firm performance: The case of white goods producer.
8. The level of entrepreneurial management in the company.
9. Talent management by stimulating creativity in organizations.
10. Reputation management in international family companies. 

dr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE
Department of Banking and Financial Markets

Seminar related topics:
1. Polish banking sector
2. European banking sector
3. Financial institutions’ management
4. Credit institutions’ management
5. Competitiveness on banking market
6. Competitive strategies on banking market
7. Banks’ marketing
8. Banking products and services
9. Financial institutions’ marketing
10. Banks and financial institutions’ business models
11. Consumer financial decisions and behavior
12. New technology implementation on banking market
13. Payment innovations
14. Retail payment market development 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The role of banks in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland
2. Mortgage loans as a source of a real estate purchase
3. The importance of payment innovations (technology) for the development of cashless transactions
4. The deposit guarantee system in Poland and the EU
5. Money laundering
6. Importance of bank reputation for a market value
7. Banks' marketing strategies
8. Promotion of banking services as an element of the bank's market strategy
9. Credit risk management in commercial banks
10. Preferences of banking users in Poland

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