About Finance & Accounting for Business

Finance & Accounting for Business is a full-time Bachelor’s degree programme delivered at the Faculty of Finance and Insurance.

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 6 semesters

Employment prospects: finance and corporate accounting, controlling, business analysis, financial institutions: banks, insurance companies, investment funds

The programme has been designed for students who want to:

  • discover the world of finance,
  • get an insight into the decision-making processes for companies’ financing and investments,
  • learn to analyse, develop and present the data on the company’s financial and economic standing,
  • learn to include the crucial factors for efficient financial management,
  • find out the role of accounting and its importance,
  • refine their English skills.

The graduate of the programme will have acquired up-to-date knowledge of accounting and corporate finance, investment profitability account, taxation of companies, limiting and managing financial risk, and investing in the capital market, as well as the following skills:

  • collecting data,
  • drawing up financial reports,
  • using relevant information to make business decisions,
  • implementing IT tools to record and analyze financial information,
  • making informed decisions in applying the company’s competitive strategy,
  • using specialist English.