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Journal of Economics and Management (JEM) is a peer-refereed, international, multidisciplinary journal covering a broad spectrum of topics in economics, management, business, and finance.

The journal provides a forum for academics and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in the knowledge and practice of these fields.

It aims to foster the exchange of ideas on a range of important subjects and to provide a stimulus for research and further development of science.

All articles of the Journal are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial International License

JEM  is the official journal of the University of Economicsin Katowice, Poland. It was founded in 2003.


Beginning with the issue of 43, 2021, JEM is published with Sciendo, a part of De Gruyter academic publisher.

Polish Government Financial Support

Budget funds allocated to the project Development of Scientific Journals
for Journal of Economics and Management in the amount of PLN 70,406

Total value: PLN 120,736
Duration of the project: 2022-2024

The project aims at supporting JEM in the implementation of its development strategy.
The philosophy of this strategy is determined by the basic values:

  • the high publication standards;
  • the prestige in the international scientific community;
  • the impact on scientific discourse and science progress



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