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UE Katowice - the first university in Silesia with international accreditation CEEMAN IQA

On February 6, our University has received international institutional accreditation CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) - one of the most prestigious and valued in the field of managerial education. Accreditation was granted for a maximum period of six years.

UE Katowice - the first university in Silesia

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IQA is awarded to universities by the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies CEEMAN, which has over 200 members from around the world. IQA is a quality certificate confirming the fulfillment of requirements for efficient functioning, a good level of teaching and research, financial stability as well as high-quality education. This is the first international institutional accreditation granted to our University, and also the only one among other HEIs in Silesia. This way, we joined the group of 27 accredited CEEMAN institutions from around the world.

The direct benefit of obtaining an international accreditation is greater recognition on the global market. In turn, our faculty will be more attractive partners for international research teams. In addition, the value of the EU Katowice diploma in the region, the country and abroad is rising, increasing the employability of our students. Employers hiring graduates of accredited universities can count on the fact that they will have theoretical knowledge, but also highly developed social and managerial competences that allow applying this knowledge in a business environment.

In its official report, the PRT CEEMAN (Peer Review Team), which visited the University from September 29 to October 2, 2019, rated highly the Self Assessment Report (SAR), which was developed in the first quarter of 2019. In addition, they emphasized their satisfaction with the course of the visit and the positive atmosphere and professionalism. In total, the PRT met with over 120 people; they were university authorities, academic and administrative staff, students, doctoral students, graduates, partners from the business and institutional environment, etc.

The SAR presents assessment of the University in the following areas:

  • strategy and goals
  • management and organizational structure
  • knowledge creation
  • knowledge transfer
  • resources
  • continuous improvement / innovation
  • commitment to responsible practices
  • impact on the environment.

Strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for improvement were indicated in each of these areas of activity. The implementation of the guidelines contained in the document will constitute the basis for the University's assessment in the re-accreditation process in 6 years.

The process of obtaining accreditation was co-financed from funds obtained under the project implemented with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

More about the CEEMAN IQA accreditation process here.

UE Katowice - the first university in Silesia
UE Katowice - the first university in Silesia